The Benefits of Using a Scope When Crossbow Hunting


Using a scope when hunting with a crossbow will increase your accuracy, and who doesn’t want that? It might take a bit of getting used to, but after some practice, you should see your precision is on the up.

Accuracy is important when you are shooting live targets, much more so than if you are shooting at a range. A bad shot can leave an animal in pain and wounded, and we want to limit that happening as much as possible.

Benefits of Scope Crossbow HuntingA scope will show you (as the hunter) where your arrow is destined to go, in the form of a crosshair or similar.

When using a crossbow for hunting, a good scope will allow you to see your target clearly; appearing as if it is in front of you.

Most scopes can also be adjusted to take the distance to the target into account, but you may still have to adjust the height for longer ranges. But, you all know a scope will increase accuracy, so let’s look at some of the other advantages.

Shooting range

scope shooting rangeA scope will increase your shooting range. You can more easily hit a target that you might have missed before, or found much harder to hit.

As a rule of thumb, crossbows are only accurate up to about 60 yards – sight or no sight. But the range isn’t just a distance thing; it can refer to elevation as well. If you are perched in a tree stand or hunting in mountainous or hilly areas, elevation is necessary.

If you can make adjustments in line with your elevation, you are less likely to overshoot or fall short of your target. Functions like laser sighting and the ability to zoom can also help you take down harder to hit targets. (Learn How To Sight In A Crossbow Scope)

Arrow placement

Arrow placement is important if you are training to shoot for a tournament. Practicing with a scope can help you with your grouping.

If you are fortunate, you might be able to keep your scope in the competition, but most don’t let you keep them mounted.

Even if you aren’t entering competitions, being the best shooter you can be is important to you. Even if you won’t be winning any prizes for it, keeping your shots grouped tightly together should be your goal.

Know your scope needs

Make sure your scope is up to scratch. While a lot of crossbows will come with a scope , they aren’t always the best of scope accuracyquality.

Investing in one of the best crossbow scopes will put you at a distinct advantage. Buying one of the best bow brands and carrying on with a scope that isn’t up to scratch is pointless.

There are lots of night vision scopes for crossbows available on the market too. Making any hunting, you do at night a whole load easier. If you can’t see your target in the low light levels, there isn’t much chance of you hitting it!

Think about what you want from your scope; do you want a scope for a crossbow to be light? Do you want it to be durable?

Do you want a particular kind of sight? If you know what want from your equipment, choosing the right scope for your crossbow will be much easier.

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