How to Get Started Surf Kayaking

What is Surf Kayaking?

Surf kayaking is exactly what it says it is. It’s surfing the waves in a kayak instead of on a surfboard. You are armed with a paddle and a kayak that is great for catching the waves.

The aim is the same as normal surfing; you want to catch the wave and surf in like a boarder. But the best thing is, you get to do it sitting down. Amazing!

Surf KayakingWhat is a Surf Kayak?

Surf kayaks are kayaks that are designed to surf on waves. The best kayak for ocean surf is one designed specifically for it.

They differ from regular kayaks in that they have flat bottoms (like a surfboard), rails around the outside and a rocker in the nose of the kayak.

The flat bottom allows for increased speed when catching the waves. The rails around the outside of the kayak enable you to carve out sharp turns.

The rocker ( the curved piece that allows movement) in the nose of the boat allows you to keep planning when going you are heading down a wave. In these kayaks, you sit inside, and you can protect yourself from the water, but in a sit on the top kayak, it’s a different matter!

What a surf sit on top kayak is essentially a surfboard that you can sit on. You can strap your feet in, strap your middle in and there is a bit of a dent for you to park your behind in, but that’s about it. Because of this, you are much more open to getting wet, but they are seriously light and high performing.

How to get started

You should try before you buy with surf kayaking. Surf kayaks can be majorly expensive and are a huge investment, What is a surf kayakso don’t go straight out and buy one without giving it a go first.

Have a look in your area and see if there are any surf kayaking clubs – places like these often have taster sessions you can come to get an idea of what it is like. Then you can move onto a beginner’s class to gain confidence.

As you gain confidence, there will be trips you can do and competitions you can enter and the opportunity to meet lots of different people.

Surf kayaking is great fun, and it’s a brilliant activity to get started with if you are looking for try something new.

Try looking online at surf kayaking classes and clubs in your area. If in doubt – head down to the surf and ask around.

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