Riot Kayaks Enduro 13 HV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak Review

Swift, stable and convenient, the Enduro 13 HV by Riot Kayaks is designed to match and exceed the expectations of kayakers who are looking for an upgrade which will provide speed, comfort and reliability.

A practical length coupled with a tapered hull make it an excellent tracker, and the stability makes it great as a fishing vessel.

Riot Kayaks Enduro

The kayak has a spacious cockpit as well as Riot Kayak’s unique custom seating mechanism for comfort, and the front and rear storage compartments with hatch lids provide ample storage room; the rear storage compartment also features a bulkhead that helps the boat stay afloat. This boat is faster and able to carry more equipment, all the time letting you catch all the fish you want.

What makes Riot Kayaks so great?

With a 13 feet x 26 inches x 156 inches body and a weight of 45 pounds, it can still give a performance to rival much longer and sportier vessels thanks to its optimized, grooved hull. Other features include adjustable foot braces, front deck shockcord rigging, with an included paddle hook, for added storage, a rod holder, retractable skeg for improved tracking, impulse thigh braces, security bar and drainplug.

Riot Kayaks Enduro 13 HV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak (Yellow/Orange, 13-Feet)
  • Wide and stable day touring kayak
  • Features integrated retractable skeg
  • Lots of cargo capacity
  • Large cockpit with custom-fit seating system
  • Measures 13 feet by 26 inches by 12.5 inches and weighs 45 pounds

At a price of around $750, this kayak managed to take us by surprise with all the useful features it had in store!

The Pros

  • Stability – Extreme secondary stability makes it an ideal fishing vessel – you can focus on catching the fish without having to worry about overturning the boat as you cast the line.
  • Tracking – The retractable skeg which comes with the boat can improve its tracking capability and is especially useful in rougher waters.
  • Plenty of storage room – The front and back storage compartments coupled with shockcord rigging at the frontdeck let you store your catch, your gear and your equipment as needed.
  • Speed – The 13 foot length of this vessel makes it fast enough to be considered a race kayak. Add to this the uniquely designed hull, and you’ve got some serious performance at a low price.
  • Comfort – The kayak has adjustable foot braces as well as impulse thigh braces to make sure that you are comfortable as your paddle. This is a great feature for longer trips where muscles begin to feel the toll if you have to paddle for an extended amount of time unsupported.
  • Convenience – A paddle hook for holding the paddle as you attend to fishing, a flush mount rod holder, and a drainplug to take care of excess water indicate that the manufacturer had the consumers’ convenience in mind.
  • Price – Riot Kayak prices have always been reasonable, and this model continues with this tradition offering more than decent performance and plenty of features at a very affordable price.

The Cons

  • The hatch covers on this kayak leave something to be desired since they can’t stop water that well.


Besides the problem with the leaky hatches, this kayak lives every bit up to its hype and offers the performance of a race kayak at an amazingly low price. Those kayakers who have moved up from the beginner skill level but aren’t quite there yet as far as sport kayaking is concerned should seriously consider this kayak to further enhance their skills.

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