Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a nicely built two man inflatable boat which is ready to use right out of its box. The storage bag can easily fit the kayak, patch kit, paddles and Hand Pump, and the entire package will be light enough for one person to carry from the vehicle to the water.

Made out of 30 gauge rugged vinyl and sporting a robust I beam floor construction, this vessel provides the best comfort and convenience on mild rivers as well as lakes.

Thanks to the removable skegs that come with this kayak, it can track well in any depth of water and some people have reported that this intex kayak works for Class II and III rivers too! Keep in mind that the paddles that come with it aren’t meant for whitewater so if you intend to try the boat out in whitewater, get sturdier paddles.

INTEX 68307EP Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set: Includes Deluxe 86in Aluminum Oars and High-Output Pump – SuperStrong PVC – Adjustable Seats with Backrest – 2-Person – 400lb Weight Capacity
  • ✔ EASY TRANSPORT – Lightweight and compact, this kayak is easy to assemble and, with the Boston valve, it inflates and deflates in minutes; paddles come apart and the pieces can be conveniently stored with the boat in the included carrying bag allowing you to take the fun of kayaking wherever you go.Grab line on both ends. Streamlined design for easy paddling.
  • ✔ READY FOR ADVENTURE – Explorer K2 Kayak is great for experiencing lakes and mild rivers with a friend, this kayak is sporty and fun with a streamlined design for easy paddling, with the bright yellow color and sporty graphics this makes the kayak highly visible in the water
  • ✔ STABILITY – Made with rugged vinyl construction and built for performance, this sturdy kayak has an inflatable I-beam floor, a low-profile deck, and high-buoyancy side chambers for stability, comfort, and function; the removable skeg provides exceptional directional movement
  • ✔ 2-PERSON CAPACITY – The Explorer K2 is a two person capacity kayak with a 400 pound maximum weight capacity. When fully inflated the kayak measures at 10.3 feet X 3 feet X 1.8 feet
  • ✔ ADVENTURE ACCESSORIES – Includes two 86 inch aluminum oars, two inflatable seats with backrests, heavy-duty grab handles with grab lines, two quick-fill Bonston valves, high-output pump and one repair patch

What makes the Intex Inflatable Kayak such a good buy?

Thanks to two separate air chambers, made in a way that if one fails, the other one can keep the boat afloat, you have added reliability and better weight carrying capacity – the Explorer K2 can easily carry two people but you can sail it solo just as well if you put your gear in front to balance the load. You can even take your dog out on it for a fun kayaking adventure!

You can use this kayak for fishing, too, even though it isn’t primarily a fishing vessel. There is an absence of rod holders but the plentitude of ring connectors can be used for rigging bungee loops that can serve as makeshift holders.

Intex Explorer K2 on water

The striking yellow color of the kayak as well as the way it rides the water has made it safe enough to be commended by the US Coast Guard. The problem lies in its black bottom however, which can absorb sunlight and buckle – although it won’t affect performance, the kayak won’t lie flat on the ground afterwards.

The ProsIntex Explorer K2

  • Rugged vinyl construction makes it possible to take this kayak even in somewhat rough water conditions.
  • Tracks well thanks to removable skegs.
  • Affordable price at $181.99.
  • Recognized by the US Coastguard for safety and reliability.
  • Easy mobility due to 36 lbs. weight and conveniently fits in a storage bag.
  • Easy to setup (comes with own Intex Double Quick II Hand Pump)
  • Comes with own repair kit to quickly deal with punctures.

The ConsIntex Explorer K2 unpacked

  • The black bottom of the kayak can buckle if kept in the sun which can prevent the kayak from lying flat on the ground ever again.
  • The paddles that come with it are not that durable and certainly not great for whitewater.


If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable and attractive kayak, then this vessel will be your best bet. You can easily retrofit it into a fishing craft or have fun kayaking with a friend/loved one or even a pet. The recognition by the US Coast Guard should dispel any doubts about this vessel’s safety and reliability.

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