Perception Sport Conduit 13 Kayak Review

As you become a more adept kayaker, you’ll naturally start desiring a boat that is swifter and turns sharper, but also offers better stability than your average touring boat.

The Perception Sport Conduit 13, which greatly resembles the Dagger Catalyst 13, is a kayak that will be a great choice in such a situation, and even more so if you don’t have the dough for an expensive sports kayak.

What Our Perception Kayak Review Says?

The Conduit 13 is restfully spacious and provides the performance you’d expect from a professional kayak.It is nonrestrictive and paddle friendly, whilst offering enough stability to encourage beginners and sufficient speed / tracking to accommodate those requiring paddles of a longer length. This boat is perfect for exploring milder rivers and smaller lakes.

Perception Conduit Sit Inside Kayak for Recreation - 13.0
  • Fun, fast and versatile – the best sit-inside kayak for larger paddlers
  • Water Types: Flat, Slow-Moving, Calm Coastal, Ocean Surf
  • Boat Length: 13’.Water Types: Flat, Slow-Moving, Calm Coastal, Ocean Surf
  • Boat Weight: 51 lbs
  • Sit-Inside kayak for recreation

This boat features a zone seat, bungee deck riggings, zone thigh/kneepad, bow and stern hatches, and a foot brace system – all these features ensure maximum convenience and comfort.

The Pros

  • Durable: Made out of seamless high density polyethylene, the Conduit 13 can hold its own against hazards such as concealed rocks. Even if dents occur due to impact, they can easily be removed if you are skilled enough.
  • Swift and maneuverable: This kayak is a 13 foot long boat with a slender stern and bow that allows it to gracefully and rapidly cut across water. You will definitely note the difference in performance from a 12’ kayak. You can even install a rudder to improve navigation in rougher waters.
  • Stability and tracking: The kayak shows exceptional tracking prowess in flat to mild waters. Its single tracking fin is aided by the rigid construction of the body, extra length, as well as the thin stern and bow. As explained above, you can install a rudder to enhance performance in choppier waters. Its width of 26.5 inches makes it stable, not to mention the fact that it isn’t as large as a twin kayak.
  • Load handling: The kayak is able to sustain a load of 295 pounds, which is great for a solo boat and due to this feature, you can use it for recreation, fishing or touring as you want. There are 2 bulkheads – one at the fore and one at the aft, both are watertight and offer plenty of storage space on fishing trips. The bungee deck rigging further increases its storage capacity.
  • Comfort: The larger cockpit sporting knee and thigh padding, as well as adjustable seats makes it completely comfortable for trips of medium duration – a fact confirmed by a number of users. The exclusive Keepers Foot Brace mechanism increases paddle efficiency which further enhances control and comfort.

The Cons

  • There have been some complaints from customers who have taken it for extended trips, such as fishing excursions. They say that the seat becomes uncomfortable when sat on continuously for hours on end and would be better if it had more padding.


Perception Sport Conduit 13 Kayak

Most hobbyist kayakers are looking for a solution that offers both performance and economy. The Conduit 13 draws the perfect balance between the two by providing a mid-range solution that caters to their needs in terms of speed and stability, whilst not making them empty their wallets!

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