The 8 Most Awe-Inspiring Kayaking Spots in the United States

So, are you thinking of going kayaking on your next holiday? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. You probably have searched for kayaking near me and already made your decision where you would be heading to.

If not, then here are the 8 most awe-inspiring kayaking spots in the US to make your selection easier:

Best Kayaking Spots in the USA

Colorado River, Arizona

Colorado River, ArizonPassing through three states, this river offers a unique experience, and that’s kayaking through the Grand Canyon. Lots of scenic views are available all through the 297 miles of the river. (Read Best Tent Camping in Arizona)

The Everglades, Florida

The Everglades, FloridaApart from kayaking, it is popular for sightseeing too. You can enjoy watching natural sea creatures as well as their natural beauty. Camping sites are available.

Devils River, Texas

Devils River, TexasIt is a great spot for kayak fishing, and kayaking through this incredible natural beauty can be a memorable experience.

Indian River Lagoon, Michigan

Indian River Lagoon, MichiganThis 51-mile long wild and scenic river offers canyon-like banks, sharp curves, and broad marshland. Camping sites are available.

Clearwater River, Montana

Clearwater River, MontanaThe 3.5-mile waterway offers incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. There is an adjacent hiking trail too.

Prince William Sound, Alaska

Prince William Sound, AlaskaIt has more than 3,500 miles of intricate coastline, glaciers, and bountiful marine life. Immense ice fields surround the waterway. Primitive camping facilities are available here. (Read Top Hiking Trails in Colorado)

Tyger River, Carolina

Tyger River, CarolinaThe 24 miles long trail flows through Sumter National Forest and is loaded with wildlife and unique scenic views. Fantastic spot for kayak fishing.

Eleven Point National Scenic River, Missouri

Eleven Point National Scenic River, MissouriThis river is calm enough to drift through on a warm summer day. Situated in the stunning Ozark hills, this 44-mile long scenic river offers a memorable paddling experience.

How to choose your kayak?

There are different types and sizes of kayaks available for various purposes. And choosing one of them depends on where you are planning to use them.

  • Touring Kayaks – These are made for open waters on lakes or oceans and performance in rough conditions. The low decks ensure efficient paddling and control. Touring kayaks are usually 12 to 17 feet long.
  • Recreational Kayaks – These are designed for day trips on smooth waters. They are shorter and wider than touring kayaks. Their width makes them more stable and, thus, is suitable for novices or casual paddlers. They have a small storage area and also can’t hold a straight course. Most of them are 10 to 12 feet long and have higher desks for a drier ride.
  • Whitewater Kayaks are designed for rivers, rapids, creeks, waterfalls, or anywhere with fast-moving water ranging from 4 to 10 feet long.
  • Inflatable Kayaks are light , easy to transport and store, and mostly made for recreational purposes. They are hard to paddle and are slower than the traditional ones, however. But their portability makes it suitable for occasional paddlers. They are usually made of PVC-coated polyester and are 10 to 15 feet long. We are including the Intex Explorer K2 kayak review below.

Our Pick: Intex Explorer K2

This boat is ideally suited for two individuals and has a weight limitation of 400 lbs. With a length of around 10 feet, the seating area is spacious enough.

The inflatable seats are very comfortable, and the backrests are easily adjustable with the help of Velcro fastening strips. (Find the Best Florida Hiking Trails)

The supplied pump is fast, and the boat only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to assemble. It can fit into a trunk and even be carried by one person in the included travel bag. Oars are okay but not adjustable. You may need to buy separate ones. (Read Top Hiking Trails in Michigan)

Made from 30-gauge vinyl, it is durable and sturdy enough for recreational purposes; but it stands well against rough conditions.

It features a bright-colored paint job that looks stunning and provides maximum visibility while on the water.

At only $100, this is the best kayak for the money.

It has excellent stability as far as safety is concerned; you won’t have to worry about falling. It won’t, but should the boat flip, a single individual can put it back in an upright position with little effort.

It also comes with a repair patch and grab-lines. Furthermore, handling small waves on the open shore is a breeze. Steering is not bad. The skegs have a habit of coming loose and getting lost, though.

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