2018 Best Crossbow Scope Reviews – What Are They?

Crossbow scopes, or sights, are vital for hunters who aspire to make quick, clean and accurate kills. These scopes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and should be compatible with the hunter’s crossbow while also meeting their requirements. There are some scope types that work with crossbows.

At its most basic, a scope is a tube with a crosswire or crosshair sight mounted in its interior. This tube is affixed to the crossbow and magnifies the target, allowing the hunter to place a more accurate shot within their crossbow’s working range.

Here are the Top Rated Crossbow Scopes for the Money:

Nikon Bolt XR

Nikon Bolt XR

If you want to take your hunting to a whole new level, the Nikon Bolt XR can go with you for as much as 60 yards. It comes with a feature lacking in most other scopes in the market, 3x Nikon optics that can transmit roughly 92% of the light available.

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This means better brightness and contrast that gives you an edge while on the hunt. Furthermore, this Nikon crossbow scope comes with an advanced BDC 60 reticle that has surefire aiming points, designed to prevent you from ever going wrong. 

TRUGLE 4x32 Camo

The Truglo Scope is another one worth taking a look at. With a price of just $68.02, it is an excellent deal for hunters looking for durability, precision and maximum brightness on a limited budget.

It comes with lenses that are fully coated to provide the best clarity, brightness and contrast. It is made out of hardy materials, with a finish that is handsome yet scratch resistant.

Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles, Matte

Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR ScopeAt a price of $200, this Hawke crossbow scope is one of the best bow scope purchases you could make right now.

It is a high-end crossbow scope made to be compatible with a wide array of crossbows, thanks to its onboard advanced speed selector. The speed selector lets it work in a range of 275 to 426 feet per second.

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Its prominent features include a double colored illumination in green and red to allow for as many reticles visibility as possible. The reticle is constructed to have precision aim points in the range of 20 to 100 yards, with 10-yard increments. The 1-inch optics in this scope are fully multi-coated to transmit light in an optimal manner. Hawke also includes flip-up lens covers with this scope.

From 75 yards, the field of vision of this scope is 22.5 feet – this means the expanse of terrain you can observe through the scope, it is vital for aiming accurately at your prey since it determines the speed with which the target can be located.

SNIPER Compact Scope 4x32 Rangefinder Reticle with Rings

This crossbow rangefinder scope is an affordable crossbow utility, with its small price of $30. It comes with a magnification feature and is meant to work with a Western Camping Outlet crossbow.

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The Sniper Rangefinder package comes with a sapphire coating lens, lens cleaning cloth, lens cap, additional ring screws and an Allen wrench to mount it on the crossbow. It has 4x magnification and a tube diameter of 1 inch.