Do You Need a License to Use a Bow and Arrow

Archery and bowhunting are slowly gaining popularity recently. Nature lovers and adventurers may want to try these for leisure. Before proceeding, aspiring hunters may ask if you need a license to own a bow? Read further to know more.

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Archery Bows

Recurve Bow

Recurve bows got their name from their distinct shape. This design of the recurve bow gives the bow more strength without exerting too much effort. This bow is usually used in archery classes.

Compound Bow

This type of bow is versatile within the temperature and humidity changes compared to those made with natural materials. Compound arrows are proven to have outstanding accuracy. These bows are usually not beginner-friendly because of their complex mechanisms. (Read Best Crossbow Bolts)


Longbows were first used during wars in the 1200s and were considered a dependable weapon on the field until the 16th century. Longbows have simple designs: they have long, curved wood with the same size as the archer. Longbows also do not have arrow sights.


Crossbows are unique because of their crank mechanism. A string is connected to the trigger and locked until the archer fires. Crossbows are ideal for short-range firing, and it requires much effort when drawing. These are commonly used for target archery, but various regulations are implemented using crossbows across the US.

Archery License

Owning a bow and arrow in the United States does not require a license. However, specific rules and regulations should be considered before buying a bow and arrow to start learning archery.

Every state in the US has its law and restrictions about the use of bows and arrows. Additional rules can also be implemented by the state, depending on your area of residence. Some states are also strict about the kind of equipment and materials you will be using.

Using archery skills for hunting may be prohibited in some areas. This is because archery may be used in the wrong way since bows and arrows are sharp objects.

Crossbow Hunting

During the pre-rut season, a lot of hunters take the opportunity for some action. During this time, male deers are freely roaming and are easily seen around the area. With this, the chances of a good hunt are high. The bow season makes hunting a lot of fun and more accessible since it is warm.

Crossbow hunting is not as tiring as when using the traditional bow because of modern bow mechanics. Hunting apps can be helpful when looking for a great spot to take your crossbow.

A lot of factors pop up when looking for a crossbow bolt that suits you. Choosing the best crossbow bolt for you is not as simple as picking up something and hoping it magically works just fine.

Green arrows in grass

The bolt’s weight, length, type of nock, and mat material should be considered.

Manufacturers have their recommendations for sure. You can try and hear some manufacturers’ feedback, too, since they can provide important information like the aforementioned factors.

Aside from crossbow, another type of bow is also preferred by hunters. Hunting with a compound bow is another excellent experience in hunting.

The pulley on compound bows allows you to hold more weight once you are ready for a full draw. This also provides you a long time to study your aim for a more accurate shot.

Getting a Hunting License

There are plenty of laws that tackle hunting and hunting licenses. The state generally issues a bowhunting license. The state government addresses the specific rules and regulations determining the restrictions of hunting.

Always keep in mind that rules vary from one state to another. This depends on the kind of environment your area has. The population of deers, bears, coyotes and other wildlife animals are also taken into consideration.

In getting a hunting license, you must first decide on what license you are getting. You also have to ask if any additional permits and paperwork you might need for the license.

Taking and passing a hunter course in your locality is also a requirement. Lastly, you have to provide valid identification and crucial personal information for your license.

To successfully acquire a license, you can visit a licensing location or process it online. When you choose to get your license online, there is a lengthy process and a long waiting period.

You may opt to get one at an issuing location instead because you can get your license right there and then. (Find the Takedown Recurve Bow that suits you)

Taking a Hunting Course

Bowhunting courses are essential when you want to have your license. During the course’s entirety, you will be taught everything that you need to know about hunting.

You will be aware of your state’s rules and regulations. You will also be equipped with hunting tips and tactics at the end of the course. Upon finishing the course, you can then advance to processing your hunting license. (Read Shoot Recurve Bow)

Hunting without a License

Hunting without a license can put you in great trouble. Penalties can be in the form of cash fines, misdemeanors, and even going to jail. Most of the time, hunters are penalized because of poaching. (Read Crossbow Legal States)

Poaching is the illegal captivity or hunting of wild animals. So conclusively, hunting without a license is, by all means, considered poaching.

Specifically, those 12 years old and above who are using a bow for hunting will need a license.

Children who are aged 12-15 are considered junior hunters.

There are also cases when you do not need a hunting license:

  • First, if you are a landowner resident whose primary source of living is farming.
  • Second, if you are a Native American who resides on a land reserve, and third, you are hunting on a legal shooting preserve facility.

Do You Need A License To Use A Bow And Arrow

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