5 Great Places for Crossbow Hunting in the US


When every other person is running around with an AR or two of their own, crossbows are not getting enough love in this day and age. They have been used since the 5th century BC and are still going strong compared to other weapons. The compound Crossbow is the modern version …

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5 Deer Hunting Websites Worth Reading

Wired to Hunt

Although the olden times were great, when a parent would take their children with them to their first hunt and show them the ropes, times are, however, changing! New laws and regulations are implemented, and things change pretty fast. It is best to follow a few professional hunting bloggers to …

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What to Wear When Hunting

crossbow hunting

Dressed for success! While hunting has many aspects and different factors that will lead to a good hunt, one thing we can all agree is key is your hunting clothes. You don’t want to show up in the woods or wherever you might be hunting in flip-flops, shorts, and a …

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How to Stay Safe on Water

kayak safety accessories

Kayaking safety depends to a large extent on the kayak safety gear you’re using. Read on to get first-hand knowledge about some of the best brands when it comes to safety. The first thing to consider when shopping for a kayak is the place that you’re planning to go kayaking. …

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