Is it Legal to Shoot a Bow and Arrow in Your Backyard

The popularity of archery has soared in recent years. As a hobby, many people want to practice archery at home.

Archery is a sport and is considered an art and skill of using a bow and arrow to shoot a target. (Read Hunting For Beginners)

Practicing bow and arrow in your backyard is deemed to be legal in some countries. As long as your area is safe as an archery range, then you are good to go.

Archery Practice

Things to Consider in Setting up a Backyard Archery Range:

Consider the local ordinance.

When in doubt, you can contact your local courthouse to ask for permission. Some countries consider archery legal within city limits with strict compliance. So make sure that your backyard range is as safe as possible.

Shoot only in safe directions

The first thing to consider after getting a permit is to never shoot in an unsafe direction. You should check your surroundings and opt to set your target up in an area away from houses and roadways.

Keep your pets indoors.

Make sure to keep your pets inside to avoid horrific accidents when you miss the target. Always double-check if your man’s best friend or cat royalty is within safety areas.

Keep your children indoors.

Wanting to let your kids watch you while practicing to shoot a bow and arrow might be motivating but not ideal. Keep your children indoors in case they might run around without strict supervision. (Read Takedown Bow Review)

Include backstops.

Never rely on your aiming skills. Please consider getting a backstop for your at-home archery range. A backstop is a thick material that is placed behind the target to catch arrows.

Make sure that your backstops are built to absorb the arrow’s shock. A hay bale is the most common and inexpensive backstop to consider. (Read Crossbow Laws By State)

Aware of your neighbors.

Show your neighbors that you are a responsible person. Tell them that you have already informed the local authorities. Also, you already obtained a permit to practice bow and arrow in your backyard. This is to avoid any complications and further concerns from the neighborhood.

Bow and Arrow Target Practice

The most common target practice to shoot is a sack of sand. But many people also use bags or foam blocks to remove the arrow from it without effort.

It is safer to shoot close targets or shoot at a downward angle if you draw the arrow by accident.

One more thing to keep in mind is to avoid pointing at an upward angle when preparing to shoot the arrow. This might cause more harm than good.

Backyard Archery Practice

Common Mistakes in Shooting a Bow and Arrow

Complications might arise when your muscles are way too intense. So never position your shoulders right into your neck. This will make you feel more uncomfortable. (Find the Best Arrows For Recurve Target Shooting)

Instead, you want it to be nice, relaxed, and confident about what you are doing. It should be a smooth drawback, all the way back to come down. And when you release, it should be nice and still.

The proper way to shoot an arrow:

  • Start with your arrow. Find the little space between.
  • Clip the space right onto the bowstring.
  • Put it underneath the brass nocking point. Pop it on.
  • Put one finger above your arrow and two below.
  • Bring your arms up together.
  • Now drive your hand back until you hit the side of your cheek near your lips.
  • Stretch and release.

Best Compound Bow Brands

There are a wide variety of bows and equipment accessible in the market for archers of every kind. Check out some of the known best compound bow brands.

Hoyt Archery

Well-known for their recurve bows, which are always featured in the Olympics. Their hunting equipment is also popular in the market.

Bowtech Archery

Bowtech bows are from America. A powerful, smooth shooting bow that launches arrows downrange at 340 feet per second.

Matthews Archery

Matthews Bows are built with such durable materials to perfect accuracy and precision.

Bear Archery

One of the most trusted names in bows. They considered Bear archery’s Cruzer G2 versatile bow one of the great options in buying a compound bow.

Elite Archery

Elite archery is still new to the market compared with the others mentioned above. They got pretty good reviews and created a name in the industry. (Learn How To Shoot Recurve Bow)

PSE Archery

They are one of the first companies to create compound bows. This brand is most famous for its high-speed and high-performance bows.

SAS Rage

Southland Archery Supply markets a low-budget price for a compound bow. If you are on a budget and only shoot sometimes, SAS Rage compound bows will work best for you.

Diamond Archery

This is a cheaper version of Bowtech. Most of their products are in the lower hundreds, ranging from $200-$500 generally. Diamond Archery gives you different options. From a more affordable price while maintaining quality and high performance. (Find the Best Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow)

These are some of the most well-known compound bow brands in the bow industry. It’s also best for you to search for more bow brands and review their feedback.


Shooting a bow and arrow in your backyard is safe as long as you have the permit to do so. Yet, you also have to keep other things in mind. Shoot only in a safe direction and away from houses and roadways.

This must also include keeping your pets in a safe area. Also, be mindful of your surroundings. Inform your neighbors about your archery range ahead to avoid unwanted complaints.

Is it Legal to Shoot a Bow and Arrow in Your Backyard

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