7 Most Popular Hunting Shows On TV

When you can’t go hunting, the next best thing is to watch some good hunting television.

Luckily, you can find there are considerably more hunting and other shows related to hunting available on TV or the many streaming services from TV networks.

All manner of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and specialist channels such as The Outdoor Channel and Outdoor TV is also available.

Many of these can incorporate interesting places or big-name hunters you only see from books.

In our guide, you can learn more about which is the best hunting TV series you can find. By the end, you’ll know where to watch shows about deer hunting, major league fishing, or other hunting TV shows that can suit all the family. (Find the Best Fishing Shows On TV)

What Channels Have Hunting Shows?

While most people think of Netflix when they think of streaming services for hunting, the options are limited.

Hunting Shows on Amazon

Unlike Netflix, Amazon is loaded with hunting TV you can stream at your convenience. One downside is you may need to pay per episode even with a “Prime” membership.

  • The Hunting Public
  • Wired Outdoors
  • Project Mule Deer
  • Pursue The Wild
  • The Hunt
  • Wingmen
  • Raised Hunting
  • Final Draw
  • Solo Hunter
  • Fresh Tracks
  • Beyond The Grid
  • Into Thin Air
  • Homestead
  • Wisconsin Island Hunting
  • The Hunting Season–Boar Hunting in the Pyrenees
  • Canada Hunts West
  • Duck Hunting 2016
  • The Hunt
  • Region G
  • The Flush
  • Eastman’s Hunting TV
  • How To Hunt With Ryan Kohler
  • The Hunting Public–Turkey Tour
  • Chasing November
  • The Edge
  • Fatal Impact Outdoors
  • Flatliners
  • Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets

The list here is just a taster of what is available. You can catch many others that suit all kinds of hunting or outdoor adventures.

The Hunting Channel Online

On Cliff’s Wild Outdoor Adventures, Cliff Tulpa pursues Big Game around the world. Cliff continues his goal to hunt every legal big game species on the planet.

Cliff has been on remote excursions in over 25 countries on all continents and has hunted over 210 different big game species. Cliff also gets to sample the food, customs, traditions, and ceremonies of the people he meets on his trips.

Several local independent channels carry Cliff’s Wild Outdoor Adventures, and now there is internet distribution on The Hunting Channel Online! Cliff has spent the last three years living, hunting, fishing, and filming in the Amazon Jungle, the world’s last untamed frontier. Cliff Tulpa, the hunter, wants to share his Wild Outdoor Adventures lifestyle with you in some of the best hunting TV you can find. (Find the Best Budget Red Dot)

Hunting Shows on Hulu

Hulu doesn’t contain much hunting TV and only has Country Buck$, yet you need a Hulu with Live TV plan to access this. Country Buck$ is a documentary that follows the Busbice family, who started Wildgame Innovations, a small hunting gear company that has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar wildlife sporting empire.

Hunting TV On YouTube

  • The Hunting Public
  • Montana Wild
  • My Outdoor TV
  • Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures
  • Wild Boar Fever 1 to 9
  • Adventure in Alaska
  • Argentina Adventures
  • Become A Better Shot
  • Bow Hunting 1
  • Facts Behind Wild Boar Fever
  • Fallow Buck Paradise
  • Fallow Deer and Driven Hunts
  • Hunting Adventures
  • Hunting Turkey
  • The Best Of Wild Boar Fever
  • Country Boys Outdoors
  • The Western Hunter
  • Old School Outdoors
  • Petersen’s Hunting Adventures Presents Border to Border
  • North American Whitetail
  • Bowhunter
  • Petersen’s Hunting Adventures TV
  • Big Deer TV
  • The Jackie Bushman Show
  • Hunting Shows on The Outdoor Channel
  • Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures
  • North American Whitetail
  • Wild Boar Fever
  • Winchester World of Whitetail
  • Wild TV
  • North American Whitetail

Top hunting TV shows you can find

The Hunting Public

1. The Hunting Public

A YouTube hunting TV channel, yet don’t let this put you off. The Hunting Public is an internet video series dedicated to connecting with many hunters. We will aim to teach our viewers alternative tactics for harvesting wildlife through hunting in a variety of settings.

They are regular guys that like hunting and want to share the adventure for the outdoors with others.

Most of them grew up hunting small game, turkeys, and whitetails on public land and small properties.

The major purpose of The Hunting Public is to create a community of hunters that can connect and learn from one another.

Podcasts and video journals provide a platform for the team to teach about the sport’s history, how to deal with firearms, and much more. The show covers a wide range of topics, from advanced whitetail strategies to unusual hunting scenarios. They create relatable and appealing content to hunters through their archery hunts on public property and an adventure on modest privately held estates.


2. MeatEater

MeatEater is a weekly half-hour real hunting show hosted by Steven Rinella. The show aired on Sportsman’s Channel for six seasons before shifting to Netflix in 2018.

Rinella’s hunting exploits have taken him traveling across God’s Country to Montana for whitetail deer and elk hunting, Alaska, Mexico for wild turkey and buffalo, and many more in between.

The show defends hunting and how people hunt by arguing that hunters are responsible for being land stewards and defenders of their chosen prey species.

The episodes that follow the search contain intriguing and occasionally artistic food preparations.

Other traditional recipes include a deer’s heart roasted over an open fire, meat cooking inside the animal’s guts, and others.The show first aired on January 1, 2012, and it is now on its ninth season.

North American Whitetail

3. North American Whitetail

This series extends the same-named and long-published magazine, covers white-tailed deer, possibly the most popular big-game animal to hunt, from antler to toe. Stan Potts and Gordon Whittington, co-hosts, bring you expert coverage of world-class trophy hunting expeditions with bow and rifle.

Distinguished deer researcher Dr. James Kroll and North American Whitetail magazine editor Patrick Hogan and special guests join them on several episodes. Viewer-submitted videos and photos, deer behavior and management tips, tactical hunting advice, and profiles of legendary bucks are among the segments featured on each show.

Deer Society - Legacy Bucks

4. Deer Society – Legacy Bucks

Deer Society delivers excellent hunts that are entertainment filled with jaw-dropping bucks. You can study the ins and outs of two important deer hunting strategies. Calling and rattling for mature whitetails are among them.

The Deer Society is a site where any deer hunter can learn how to improve their hunting skills. It’s broadcast on television and online in the most popular media venues. It’s an innovative content distribution platform for a community of everyday whitetail hunters.

The Deer Society hunting series offers incredible hunts, and no matter if you are hunting with firearms, hunting with archery, there is much of interest, and you can learn a lot about your sport from the guys who are experts in their field.

Wild Boar Fever

5. Wild Boar Fever

The Wild Boar Fever series features some of the most thrilling-driven boar hunts and some of the world’s best rifle shots.

Experience the thrill of driven boar hunting and learn the fundamentals from Franz Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg and numerous other accomplished marksmen from throughout the world.

The dogs are loose; the horns are blaring, and the drive is on; calm your nerves, shoulder your gun, and prepare for Wild Boar Fever.

Into High Country

6. Into High Country

Jason is a quiet, straightforward avid hunter who follows the rules. Most of his hunts are for western big game on public land.

Jason Matzinger’s Into High Country aims to capture the finest of western hunting from the great state of Montana and the rest of the West.

Into High Country captures the excitement, heart, and soul of the most dramatic big game hunting in North America in cinematic style, from the vast diversity and quality of the free-ranging game we hunt every season to the quality of the locations and spectacular scenery in which we are privileged to hunt and watch on hunting TV.

This presentation is action-packed, with rare shots from the wild and focusing on hunting action rather than commentary. Follow Jason as he muses on hunts from all around North America in the mountains of Montana hunting Elk or anything else he has his sights on.

7. Wildgame Nation

The family of a father and two sons hunt and travel while running Wildgame Innovations. From the cast of the Big Bucks show, you get further into the hunting industry that the brothers entered at a young age and how they bring the search, hunt, and adventures from their new show from their home state and beyond.

Does Netflix Have Any Hunting Shows?

In reality, Meateater is the only fantastic hunting show available on the Netflix network.

The good news is that Meateater is an incredible timepiece. It’s a hugely popular series that’s widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best; there is as it is brought to air by non-other than Steven Rinella.

What Channel is Buckmasters On?

Buckmasters entertains and educates deer hunters with the most up-to-date methods and technology from the industry’s most renowned professionals.

The Buckmasters television series is the world’s longest-running hunting show, focused on spectacular hunts with a dash of education from host Jackie Bushman.

Buckmasters debuted on TNN in 1988 and rapidly became one of the most popular shows on the network.

It was not just the first cable deer hunting show, but also the first hunting show on TNN of any kind. Other hunting shows began to arrive on cable not long after.

Jackie Bushman was the first to take the lead. Buckmasters is still on the air and can be seen on Outdoor Channel.

What shows come on the Sportsman Channel?

Sportsman Channel, an American sports-oriented digital cable and satellite television network, is owned by the Outdoor Sportsman Group, a subsidiary of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

The Sportsman Channel currently airs episodes about archery, firearms, and fishing.

The Sportsman Channel airs infomercials overnight, and most programs on the channel are half-hour. (Learn How To Start Hunting)

The channel initially promised 100 original hunting TV shows, and it’s close to achieving that aim.

  • AdVANture Hunter
  • Army Buck Hunters
  • Backcountry Hunters TV
  • Backwoods Life
  • BC Outdoors Sportfishing
  • Bearded Buck
  • Beyond the Bar with Josh & Shasta
  • Beyond the Hunt
  • Big Deer TV
  • Bill Dance Outdoors
  • Blitz TV
  • Blood Run: Fly Fishing with Amazon Warriors
  • Born to Hunt
  • Brotherhood Outdoors
  • Chad Hoover Fishing
  • The Choice with Ralph & Vicki
  • Classic Bass Championship Tour 2018
  • Country Boys Outdoors
  • Country Outdoors LIVE
  • DoeNation Outdoors
  • Ducks Unlimited TV
  • Easton Bowhunting TV
  • The Green Way Outdoors
  • Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon
  • Gun Dog TV
  • Hit Squad Outdoors with Tim Sylvia
  • Hoge Wild
  • The Honey Brake Experience
  • The Jackie Bushman Show Classics
  • Jarrett Edwards Outdoors
  • Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures
  • Jim Shockey’s The Professionals
  • Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED
  • The Journey
  • Kayak Bass Fishing National Championships
  • Kayak Fishing Fun
  • Knot Right Kayak Fishing with Chad Hoover
  • Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour
  • Major League Fishing BIG 5
  • Small Town Hunting
  • South Walton Fishing Adventures – fishing series
  • Steve’s Outdoor Adventures
  • Team Fitzgerald Vintage Country Lifestyle
  • West of Texas
  • Western Extreme
  • The Western Hunter
  • Whitetail Explorer
  • Whitetail Fix
  • Whitetail Freaks
  • Whitetail Frenzy
  • Whitetail Properties
  • Wicked Tine Outdoors
  • Wild Boar Fever
  • Wild Boar Fever “The Art of Boar”
  • Wild Memories
  • The Wild Outdoors
  • Wild Strongholds
  • Wildlife Heroes

On most occasions, you need to sign up for a streaming service with the outdoor TV channel as an option for one of their channels. Currently, you can choose from fuboTV or Sling TV to access hunting TV shows that cover anything from hunting Whitetail deer to deep-sea fishing.

The above is just a taster of what is on offer. If you don’t wish to subscribe, you can find a great selection of hunter shows you can catch on the channel’s YouTube channel. There is ample selection for men, women, and children who are avid hunters to go along with the 7 most popular hunting shows on TV.

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