8 Best Fishing Shows on Netflix

If you are at home and dying to get on the water for a spot of fishing, you may find you can’t get out when you want or even as often as you want.

The factors for this can be many, yet the results are often the same. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can put your feet up, watch fishing action, and dream you are there.

However, you may not know the best fishing shows on the streaming platform, so this guide is.

Here we have the best 8 fishing TV shows on Netflix and lots of other information and places to find recommendations for the best fishing shows you can find.

Does Netflix Have Hunting Channels?

Netflix is often one streaming service most people think of. However, hunting shows are thin on the ground, even with many fishing shows to binge-watch. Meat eater happens to be the only hunting show worth watching on Netflix.


Are There Any Fishing Shows on Netflix?

Netflix has a range of fishing series you can watch. The range of television series may not be the most extensive, yet you may not find some fantastic titles elsewhere.

Here are the top 8 Netflix fishing shows for fishing action on Netflix.

River Monsters

River Monsters

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters is one of the best fishing shows you’ll never tire of watching. It’s interesting yet exciting.

Once you watch the show, Jeremy will investigate mysterious deaths in some of the world’s rivers and lakes. Each episode takes a different case, and there is no human culprit, but the river monsters are fish.

You’ll feel the show is a freshwater crime scene, and it is the task of Jeremy, the freshwater detective, to unravel the puzzle. Each episode will see Jeremy Wade struggle with the huge fish in question.

You can enjoy every season, yet there won’t be any new episodes. Jeremy has caught various fish like arapaima, catfish, and stingrays throughout the series. All are very large.

Trawlermen Tales

Trawlermen Tales

Heading out to see is the same as fighting a battle. You’re in enemy territory and must consider your strategy and weapons of choice.

It’s all about survival, and it’s no different in this fishing reality show. Trawlermen Tales follows the side of the story not often told. Will they make it back home, and who are there waiting? (Read How Is Fishing A Sport)

Families and friends stand waiting for the first sight of the boat to return, or do they begin to panic? It goes beyond feelings anglers may feel on a fishing trip and how dangerous life can be at sea.

Monster Fish

Monster Fish

There are numerous fish species in the ocean, and you may never understand how many unless you are in the business of knowing. Like regions worldwide, areas of the sea have different aquatic life.

You’ll discover shallow and deep in both saltwater and freshwater areas. If this wasn’t enough, you could find saltwater areas surrounded by saltwater.

Nature gets creative here, and it can lead to some exotic fish species. In the ‘Monster Fish’ fishing show, Dr. Zeb Hogan shows you much exotic fish on their search.

Lindner’s Fishing Edge

Lindner’s Fishing Edge

Fishing is a form of art and can teach useful things away from the water. You can learn a lot, and patience is the topmost lesson. You’ll need to learn that you need to wade in a different manner depending on the water. (Find the Best Hiking Trails In Florida)

Location of fishing and a key factor in how you fish. It can take some getting used to, yet it’s laid out in plain English with Al and James Lindner, who is here to teach you that.

Each episode of this top fishing show on TV has the fishing experts take you to a different location. The pair deal with mostly tackling freshwater and teach you about new challenges you’ll find with new territories, thus teaching you how to get the better of questions you ask so often. (Read How to Get Started Fishing)



Any person that tries to make a living through fishing will see it as a competitive business. If this is the case, you can’t spend the day by the lake absorbing the great outdoors. No matter your location, you’ll need to hook some fish fast.

In this sport fishing TV show, you’ll feel the spirit of competition in Battlefish. Battlefish is a Netflix original reality fishing show which pits the guys of fishing crews to compete against each other.

The team with the highest skill level and returning with the largest bag has been crowned the victor. The aim is simple, but it is far harder to achieve. (Find the Top Fishing Hooks For Catfish)

In the sea’s harsh environment, the crews must focus on winning and ensuring the job pressure doesn’t ruin the onboard relationships. If you’re a fan of reality shows and a penchant for fishing, this is s guys show that’s ideal for you to watch

Chasing Monsters

Chasing Monsters

The sea is unlike any other place, and the game rules are very different. Creatures living here have taken evolution to a whole new level. Besides the beauty, the dangers lurking deep in recesses are one of a kind.

Oftentimes, you can only experience such things in the worst of situations. Cyril Chauquet helps you understand ‘Chasing Monsters,’ where he travels the world searching for the most ferocious creatures living deep in water.

Coldwater Cowboys

Coldwater Cowboys

Located in Newfoundland’s cold waters, the ‘Coldwater Cowboys’ shows you life in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Traveling hundreds of miles, it trails six captains leading their crews in a quest to hunt for their prey.

The fishing industry slowed in the early 90s, and the local businesses suffered. You can see how the fishermen resorted to other means to stay busy during the fishing season.

Most fish were off the roster, so attention moved to king crab, shrimps, herring, and mackerel. The show follows the teams as they tackle gigantic waves, icebergs, and other dangers to make a living.



If you ever have questions about the fish you get on your plate, hardliners can answer most of them. You can thank the friends who team together and make up the fishermen to bring in the hauls of fish that the world lives on.

It’s hard work, odd hours, and the worst of conditions, and you can see it all in ‘Hardliners.’

You follow a group dealing with catching Bluefin tuna, unlike the Albacore Tuna you find on the waters of the Oregon coast.

There are exciting sequences, as the show shows the nerve you need to carry out a fisherman’s work. ‘Hardliners’ proves that fishing in these conditions means the fishermen earn every cent of their salary. (Read California Fishing Licenses Price)

Alternatives to Watching Fishing Shows on Netflix

You can find other streaming platforms offering many fishing shows besides relying on Netflix. Here are some alternative locations where you can watch the best fishing shows.

Amazon Prime Video

Netflix is by many seen as the leader in premium on-demand video content. In reality, you will discover fishing shows on Amazon prime Video. You can get these shows for free if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Addictive Fishing: From fly fishing to bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee. Season 17 is among the most popular.

Big Fish Man: Record-holding angler Jakub Vagner embarks on extreme fishing expeditions, searching for fish never filmed in their natural habitat.

Fishing With Ladin: Ladin inspires any age to get outside. Travel the Northwest and the practice of catch and release fly fishing.

Knot Right Kayak Fishing: Chad Hoover likes catching fish searching for fish where boats can’t go. Knot Right Kayak Fishing sees Chad in backwoods adventures and offers anglers fishing tips.

Catching the Impossible: is often seen as one of the greatest fishing movies ever made. In this series of nine one-hour films, Bernard Cribbins accompanies record-breaking angler, Martin Bowler.

Sport Fishing TV: Graham Morton collaborates with top captains and fishing guides worldwide.

Reelin’ In The Keys: Here, you can watch sport fishing from the sportfishing capital of the world, the Florida Keys. You get to follow the lives of charter fishing captains who do it daily as a living. Each episode follows one day of water sport fishing:

Fishing Shows on YouTube

If you want free fishing shows, then YouTube can hold the answer. Depending on the ad-blocker you do or don’t use, you may get ads, but these are a small price for such a wealth of fishing shows.

  • LunkersTV: Bass fishing videos almost daily.
  • Carl and Alex Fishing: Two brothers fishing in the UK. The pair chase trout and salmon and urban fishing, pond fishing, carp chasing, and many more fishing adventures.
  • Kayak Fishing Tales: Jim Sammons travels the world with his Jackson Kayak, hunting for monster fish. Kayak Fishing Tales are the number one fun-to-watch source for kayak fishing instruction and just some mind-blowing kayak fishing action.

How Can I Watch Fishing TV?

Fishing TV is one of the top places to catch great fishing shows. It is accessible from anywhere and costs $79 annually with a 7-day free trial.

You have a large number of channels to choose from, such as:

  • Carp Channel
  • Coarse and Match Fishing Channel
  • Fly Fishing Channel
  • Planet Fish Channel
  • Predators Channel
  • Saltwater Channel
  • World Fishing Day Channel

You can experience slow salmon fishing, Wicked Tuna, and many other great shows. Many of which you can find on the above streaming platforms.

You can download the app and watch it on the go when you’re in-between bits on your next fishing trip or at home when you want an alternative to the above.

Show Title Year Made Netflix Page
Chasing Monsters 2015 https://www.netflix.com/title/80181191
Fishing Impossible 2016 https://www.netflix.com/title/80232250
MeatEater 2012 https://www.netflix.com/title/70308162
River Monsters 2009 https://www.netflix.com/title/70286911
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat 2018 https://www.netflix.com/title/80198288
The Fishing Show 2018 https://www.netflix.com/title/81256998
The Ultimate Fishing Experience 2010 https://www.netflix.com/title/81256997
Tight Lines 2016 https://www.netflix.com/title/80232251

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8 Best Fishing Shows on Netflix

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