How Many Hours Does a Jet Ski Engine Last

There is lots of data out there on how long a jet ski engine lasts. It relies on the type of jet ski you got and on what condition it’s in. I’ll explain how long a jet ski motor should last and how to trace what percentage of hours it’s already been used.

Jet ski with a 4-stroke motor can last about 350 hours, while a 2-stroke engine will only last around 150 hours. (Find the best 86 lbs thrust trolling motor)

Many indicators can tell you how long your jet ski will last, but you should be able to get at least some hundred hours out of it. The better you tend to it, the longer the motor will last.

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Factors Affecting Jet Ski Hours

As per reviews and feedback, a jet ski engine will last from approximately 150 hours to 350 depending on the kind of engine.

There’s never an actual answer to what percentage hours a jet ski will last because there are several factors to consider that can affect what’s deemed to be high or low hours.

Here are four factors that affect a jet ski’s uptime hour: the year of manufacturing, the manufacturer, the jet ski model, and jet ski maintenance.

Manufacturing year

The manufacturing year of the jet ski could be a clear indicator of high or low engine hours. When the jet ski is an older model, it’s likely to have a higher number of hours than the latest model.

In any case, there might be a jet ski that’s just three years old with 150 hours on it, which then is measured as a high hour jet ski. You will likewise find a jet ski that is 6 or 7 years old that just has 100 hours; everything relies upon how much the proprietor utilized it.


You are most likely to have your take on which jet ski companies are the best. However, researching the differences in the engine on different brands is the best move before purchasing.

There is a rising popularity of top-of-the-line jet ski rebuilt engines by various jet ski manufacturers nowadays. (Read Best Small Battery for Trolling Motor)


2-stroke motors don’t last near as long as 4-stroke motors do. In addition to 4-stroke engines last longer, they’re also more eco-friendly.

Don’t get a jet ski with a 2-stroke engine because they cause more trouble, and since they’re not as common as before, genuine parts will be hard to find and very costly.

As per various feedbacks, supercharged engines do not last very long and require much more maintenance than this jet skis with standard engines.

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For casual use of the jet ski, supercharged engines are not necessary. Supercharged engines are designed mainly for professional jet ski racers.

Beginners usually do not speed up to more than 40 miles per hour. So there is no need to worry about not getting a supercharged engine if you do not need too much speed and power.

So, how many hours does a jet ski last?

Checking the Jet Ski Hours

Jet ski models often have an hour gauge attached within the dashboard, making it simpler to spot the number of engine hours. If none is found within the jet ski, you can conclude that it is an older model.

An older model of the jet ski will presumably have a high number of engine hours. If you need to get the exact number of hours, you will have to bring it to jet ski experts or dealerships where they’ll identify the precise engine hours.

Engine Hours Do Not Always Tell it All

Do not base your purchasing choice exclusively on engine hours. There are a lot more critical things to consider.

At the point when a jet ski has 300 hours on it and is still running smoothly, you can be certain that the proprietor has tended it properly. Just make sure to do yearly maintenance of your jet ski each year. Rest assured, your jet ski should be working for a longer time.

Few brands are known to be much more reliable than some other brands. The jet ski dealers that have been out for ten years did not adapt to the rapid improvement and innovation of technology and can’t last as long as the newer models.

What Is a Lot of Hours on a Jet Ski

When planning to purchase a jet ski, the doubts on how long jet skis last is undoubtedly on every buyer’s mind. A jet ski that has been used up for a lot more than 100 hours is technically considered to be a high-hour jet ski.

Based on the number of hours, it means that a jet ski with more than 100 up hours has already been used for about three seasons. This should not worry you because the average lifespan of a jet ski is approximately 300 hours if it is well-maintained.

Remember the year of manufacturing of the jet ski, how and where it was built, and its physical and mechanical design. This information is what you should be concerned about instead of the actual up hours of the jet ski.

Buying a Jet Ski with High Up Hours

There were already instances where purchasing a jet ski with high hours led the buyer to luck since the jet ski worked flawlessly. But there are also cases when buying a jet ski with high hours became a nightmare.

To clear your thoughts on whether to buy a specific jet ski with high hours, you can consider having it appraised to a dealer. Thorough tests and procedures will be done to assess the worth and appraisal value of the jet ski. (Read How to Stay Safe on Water)

It will be quite an assurance if the previous owner of the jet ski is knowledgeable and meticulous. This can also mean that if the jet ski has been well-maintained, it has a higher chance of lasting up to many years.

How Many Hours Does a Jet Ski Engine Last

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