How to Stay Safe on Water

Kayaking safety depends to a large extent on the kayak safety gear you’re using.

Read on to get first-hand knowledge about some of the best brands when it comes to safety.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a kayak is the place that you’re planning to go kayaking.

Do you stay close to the ocean? If so, then a kayak made for narrow spaces and sharp turns in rivers and streams won’t be good enough.

What you’ll rather need is a long, stable touring kayak or a broad-based fishing kayak.

Suppose you want to impress someone with your skill by plunging a fast-moving rapid.

You’ll thank your stars if you’re seated inside a sit-in kayak and not on a sit-on model, which can easily throw you off balance from all the pounding!

So your level of safety depends on: a good, reliable brand, your level of expertise, and whether your kayaking gear complements the kind of water body you’re planning to manoeuver.

Best Kayak Brands

Pelican International

Pelican International Kayaks

Pelican International has produced this collection with one goal – inspire kayak enthusiasts to experience “fun-filled days on the water.” Their striving for great quality and affordability make Pelican a world leader in recreational kayaks. Good news for beginners, who’ll now have lots to choose from.

Intex kayaks

Intex kayaks bring you a wide variety of recreational kayaks to have fun with! They also offer high-performance sports and training kayaks.

Wilderness Systems

You name it, and they have it – from kayaks for recreation to the expedition, from touring to fishing, Wilderness Systems is a major manufacturer of world-class kayaks.

Valley Kayaks

Valley Kayaks

Launched in 1975, Valley has a long history of making expedition sea kayaks. Their kayaks personify precision – their designs make them one of the top kayak brands in the world.

Seda Kayaks

Since 1973, Seda Kayaks has become an integral part of the US National Team. Seda manufactures composite sea kayaks for expert paddlers.

Liquid Logic

Liquid Logic became a reality in the year 2000. Since then, they have consistently pushed the boundaries to create solid, responsive, and innovative kayaks. Their goal: to provide the safest, most reliable, and dynamic kayaks in the market.

Dagger Kayaks

Dagger Kayaks

The people at Dagger strive hard to live up to their core principles of innovative quality and performance.

They proclaim that unlike companies that produce one great kayak, Dagger differentiates itself from the best kayak brands by offering best-in-class leaders that perform equally on every type of moving water.

Perception Kayaks

The pioneer of plastic kayaks, Perception has made kayaks for the last 40 years. Any kayak lover will associate the name Perception with paddling’s sport in its most simple and pure form.

New paddlers are also discovering why Perception has been a name to reckon with for many decades.

How to Stay Safe on Water

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