What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Travel Trailer

There are many reasons RVers want to know when the best time to purchase a new travel trailer is. One of the main ones being cost.

RVs are very expensive for what can be seen as a luxury item. However, this can be looked at another way if you plan on living in your RV over the long term.

Not only are there a few ideal times, picking the right one can help you negotiate a better price and save money on your significant purchase.

Buying Guide for RV and Travel Trailer

Our travel trailer buying guide shows all you need to know about getting a good deal and finding the best time to buy your new RV.

When is the Best Time to Buy an RV?

There is more to buying a new RV than just the time of year. You can find there are great offers around rather than buying brand new, yet these also come with as many downsides as they make plus points.

Here are a few instances it can be advantageous to purchase an RV at a particular time.

Purchase Trailers from Trade Shows

You can find RV and camper shows excellent places to grab a deal on a new unit, and for research resources.

Dealers are there to sell as well as display, so take advantage. Do your research and find models that meet your needs. Once you have your list, you can take advantage of the final day to make your move.

Shows like this are perfect for significant discounts. Much of the reason being dealers don’t wish to spend on the transportation back to the showroom.

Also, use the shows to find out about aftercare for your RV, you may need their services or products when you are full-time RVing.

End of Season and New Model Releases

Although these times are different, you can merge them. New models come out in the spring, so before these arrive, you can find older model deals.

You can often find a great deal, and the new RVs models don’t offer much improvement over previous models.

Toward the other end of the season are the end of season sales. Dealers have quotas, and they will be keen to meet these. In the mid-fall, when the seasons slow, you can find there’s a lot to gain with negotiating.

Purchasing in Mid-Winter

Unless people are full-time RVing, there is not much demand for RVs during the winter. You can negotiate on the best deal at these times because a dealer will need to continue making sales.

It is possible to receive a massive discount in colder times, and you will get a better reception than in the warm part of the year when the dealership is packed.

If you are pondering over a used RV, late in the fall can be a great time to buy when families come back from their final road trip. Many individuals don’t want to winterize or pay for winter storage of their vehicles.

Times like this mean you do need lots of knowledge of what you can be getting into by purchasing used.

Above are the best times you can purchase an RV, yet they don’t mean you can get the best price.

There is still a lot to know that can affect your purchase, so here is the second part of the RV buying guide that will arm you with more on how to get the vehicle you desire.

Right Time to Buy your RV

Finances and Know What You Can Afford

When you find the right time to buy your RV, you do need to have all your finances in place. Once you understand how much you have, and what you can spend doesn’t only dictate what type of camper trailer you can purchase. It gives you the upper hand in negotiations.

If you don’t have sufficient funds, then you can be severely limited in choice and options.


As a matter of course, you ought to know how to negotiate a travel trailer purchase. Even if you can easily afford any travel trailer, you should still carry out some negotiation. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing private, from a show, or through a dealer.

Many individuals may say there is a discount, yet it doesn’t mean they are offering the lowest price possible. You have the upper hand when you choose the best time to buy a camper.

There are many more options open to you when you have the funds, even if a dealer will be trying to seek the highest commission.

Before this, you should know the real MSRP of any RV or trailer you are considering. Having extra information shows you know what you are talking about.

What Size RV Do You Need?

Full-time RVers often change their camping trailers over the years as demands change. One thing newcomers to the full-time RV life often overlook the size of the trailer that doesn’t just meet their needs, but also, where they can take it.

A good example is the best RV lengths for National Parks include the towing vehicle as well as the trailer.

Because many manufacturers or dealers may not give the correct measurements, take a tape measure on the day of purchase.

Many parks have different length restrictions, and you can find nightly rates can vary as well as. RV’s with footage of around thirty-five in length can be used in approximately 73% of National Park campgrounds.

One final thing overlooked is the best place to purchase your RV. Never rule out traveling to another state to grab a bargain. Montana is a great place to buy RV’s or trailers as you can save on sales tax.

It doesn’t merely mean you can save money, yet you can end up with a better quality RV in what to spend your time on the road.

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Travel Trailer

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