7 Best Outdoor Jobs Without A Degree

Are you looking for a list of outdoor job openings? These outdoor jobs in nature without a degree have the potential to change your life. This list of top outdoor jobs is fun, whether you’re searching for part-time work or a full-time career.

Various job opportunities will allow you to spend time outdoors doing something you enjoy.

Of course, things won’t always be perfect because you’ll still have to work in natural settings without a degree. However, you may do something you enjoy, supporting a cause you believe in, encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors, and so on.

You’ve noticed the growth of outdoor careers without even recognizing it, such as busier parks and outdoor places.

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RVing, touring, hiking, and other outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular. And it’s here that many of these fantastic working outdoors jobs come into play! Outdoor and nature occupations in such areas will only grow as more individuals take part in these activities.

In our guide, you can learn more about outdoor jobs that don t require a degree. By the end, you’ll have more information on jobs around conservation activities or fixing environmental problems compared to a 9 to 5 office job. (Read 6 Best Fishing Shows On Hulu)

What Jobs Pay Good Without a Degree?

Here you can find a handful of the best outdoor jobs you can do without degree level schooling and also pay a decent salary to boot.

park ranger

Park Ranger

A park ranger job is a rewarding outdoor career that pays well. Park rangers teach the public about state and national parks and safeguarding the species and resources found there.

Permanent roles, seasonal jobs, and volunteer opportunities are available through the National Park Service and this outdoor industry.

Working as a park ranger enables you to live and work in the most beautiful places in the country and the globe.

Park rangers make a median salary between $50,000 and $70,000 per year. The position is one of the top 40 fun and well-paying occupations in the country that keeps you right amid fresh air. It’s also suitable for individuals interested in forest conservation, environmental research, or education.

landscape architect

Landscape Architect

Working as a park ranger, and you get the opportunity to live and work in the most beautiful places in the country and the globe.

Landscape architects are among the highest-paid specialists in their field, according to salary data. They earn an average of $58,000 each year.

Landscape work is ideal for those with anxiety because it is a low-stress job that demands you to be outside for the majority, if not all, of your workday. Designing and maintaining yards and gardens can help create a relaxing and productive work environment, and many people turn their hobby into their own business. (Read 7 Most Popular Hunting Shows On TV)

Wildland Firefighter

Wildland Firefighter

A career as a wildland firefighter is ideal for men and women who enjoy being outside. Almost the entirety of your workday is spent outside, putting out fires, preventing fires, and responding to crises.

A career as a wildland firefighter can be rewarding and financially rewarding, despite the risks. You’ll also play a direct role in environmental conservation and protecting people’s lives and properties.

Working as a wildland firefighter may be exactly up your alley if you’re searching for a heroic, well-respected, well-paid job in outdoor spaces.

Firefighters typically need a high school certificate and training from a fire academy, and they can make more than $50,000 per year.

The US Forest Service employs around 10,000 wildland firefighters year-round and seasonally, and demand for skilled wildland firefighters continues to rise; therefore, the job future is bright.

Recreation and Fitness Worker

Recreation and Fitness Worker

This is a career where you could sometimes work indoors, but the possibility of working outdoors is there based on your place of employment.

It depends on your job: you can spend a lot of time inside if you work at a fitness center or a community center. If you work at a park or summer camp, or if you work in recreation and fitness on a ship, you’ll most likely work both indoors and outside.

High school graduation or similar education will be necessary, and your daily tasks will undoubtedly vary. You could instruct workshops, planning events, or taking children through the woods on horses. A position as a recreation and fitness worker might be seasonal, such as in a summer camp, or year-round, such as at the YMCA, with a median salary of roughly $30,000.

highest payment

What Is The Highest Paying Outside Job?

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers use engineering principles, biology, chemistry, and soil science to discover concerns and provide solutions to challenges affecting our environment.

To get a high-paying job, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or a related engineering subject like civil, chemical, or general engineering.

While some environmental engineers specialize in climate change, waste disposal, and sustainability, others examine facilities for compliance with environmental standards or advise agencies or government officials on procedures.

Environmental engineers are currently among the top 100 highest-paying jobs, with an average salary of little over $95,200.

Environmental engineering jobs will likely rise, especially as worries about water quality develop and environmental regulations tighten.


A meteorologist analyzes the weather and forecasts local weather trends. Besides working in weather stations, laboratories, and offices, meteorologists frequently spend lots of time outdoors and have a keen eye on the weather.

If you enjoy the outdoors and reporting on the weather, becoming a meteorologist may be the job for you. Entry-level meteorologists make $35,000 yearly, but professional forecasts can make $100,000.

A degree in atmospheric sciences is frequently required for high-paying jobs. A master’s or Ph.D. is required for research meteorologists.

Marine Biologist

If you love the ocean, fish, and marine life, this may be your dream career. Marine biologists study the oceans and marine life.

Marine biology is a satisfying research-based field that studies marine creatures, aquatic illnesses, and the human effects on the earth’s oceans.

Working as a marine scientist can take you to exotic locations and marine sanctuaries. Outdoors in the field, marine biologists are conducting experiments and studying marine life trends.

Marine biology is one of America’s best-paying outdoor careers, averaging $35,000-$100,000.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers develop ideas and design equipment for obtaining oil and natural gas from underground at drilling sites. Petroleum engineers with the highest salaries earn about $200,000 per year, making it one of the highest-paying outdoor occupations.

Petroleum engineering is often regarded as the least stressful and most pleasurable and fulfilling work involving travel and critical thinking among engineering positions.

The position requires a higher level of schooling than a mere associate degree, such as a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program and further certifications.

Architectural Managers

Architecture and engineering managers create new product ideas, manage finances, and plan work for engineering and architectural organizations. Architectural and engineering managers often supervise and train workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows architectural is among the highest-paid positions, with an average yearly pay of $145,000.

If you want a lucrative dream job, this may be it. Managers in architecture and engineering can enjoy six-figure incomes, privileges and work in outdoor spaces.


Astronomers examine the stars and planets. Astronomers spend a lot of time outside in research labs and observatories studying the solar system.

A career as an astronomer pays well into the six figures. The role pays well, with a median yearly salary of almost $122,000.

NASA needs more astronomers, and to become an astronomer, one must be highly qualified in their area. A Ph.D. or a bachelor’s degree is required for most job seekers in this field.


Producers of dairy products and crops. Farmers can spend their days outside and earn a good living if they are successful.

Besides farming, most farmers work on family-owned farms and ranches, maintaining facilities and deciding on market prices.

Unlike many other high-paying outdoor jobs, farming and agricultural managers do not require specialized training or a college degree, just lots of hands-on experience. The average farmer or rancher has average pay of $71,000 per year.

Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biologists and zoologists spend their days researching animals and wildlife in their natural environments. Wildlife biologists and zoologists collect data, collect specimens, and monitor animal behavior while out in the field.

A zoologist can be a fascinating and satisfying career for many people, with an average annual compensation of $63,000. A master’s degree is frequently required to pursue the highest-paying professions in the field of zoology and wildlife biology.

The influence of the rising global population on wildlife and their habitats is a major focus of many zoologists’ research. They frequently analyze animal breeding and conservation programs as part of their work. (Read Famous Cartoon Bears)

What Jobs Involve Being Outdoors?

Here are some high-demand jobs that can be interesting and where you typically work outdoors

Environmental Science Technician

You may spend time indoors in an office with a desk in this position. So, why is this an outdoor job? Because you’ll almost certainly be spending a lot of time in the field checking on natural resources.

Perhaps you’ll be testing the quality of surface water in a lake or river. You could spend time taking soil samples of the earth’s surface. However, you’ll almost certainly return to a lab to examine those samples. The position requires an associate’s degree and pays a median income of roughly $46k per year.

Maintenance and Repair Worker

This is another job requiring only a high school diploma or equivalent and requires you to work indoors and outside.

You can fix a loose railing on a stairway in an office building or mend a loose railing on a stairwell in an office building while cleaning out the gutters of an apartment building from a ladder outside.

It’s not a glamorous job, but it pays just under $40k a year and offers entry-level opportunities. It can be physically taxing, but anyone you assist will be delighted to see you and receive your help. You also get to use your hands and learn a lot about problem-solving every day.


This isn’t a profession for everyone, but it does come with a lot of rewards. Being a people person comes in handy because you’ll be talking to them when they’re stressed out by a mouse or termite problem. With a high school diploma or comparable education, you can expect to earn roughly $37,000 per year on average.

When spraying chemicals or checking rat traps, you’re often alone, giving you time to ponder without being watched over your shoulder every second. Depending on the pests you’re dealing with, you’ll spend much time indoors and outside.

Landscaper and Groundskeeper

Expect to be outside a lot unless you have a job in a greenhouse. Often, typically tasked with pulling weeds and tending to gardens can be a strenuous job.

You might have to carry fertilizer bags and need to push or ride on a lawnmower. When cutting trees, there are risks, but you also get to work in the great outdoors and get plenty of exercise in outdoor careers such as these. There are no formal education requirements, entry-level positions are plentiful, and the position pays roughly $30k on average.

Wind Turbine Technician

You’ll be working outdoors for this profession and can often be around 500ft above the ground or the sea.

A wind turbine’s components often need checking and preparing to be repaired. It’s a potentially risky profession, but you’ll expect to be fully suited in harness and enough safety gear to work at heights in a team.

You can be in the wild, away from civilization, and have the chance for the best spectacular views. With a postsecondary non-degree award at the education level, you can expect a median salary of around $51k per year. Positions for this kind of work can increase in the near future as we seek green energy.

What Is the Easiest Job to Get Without a Degree?

Without a degree, non-degree individuals have various outside career options. There are many options available to you, even if you don’t go to college. Some jobs listed below need specific professional certificates, apprenticeships, or on-the-job training, but you can get any of them without going to school.

Camp Counselor

Summer camp counselors oversee children and adolescent activities and usually design fun instructional and entertaining activities for campers.

They must also supervise campers for human health and their safety. Salary can be around $25k.

Tour guide

Tour guides operate in several settings, educating and entertaining tourists and others.

Tour guides usually show tour participants interesting sights or environments while teaching them about their history. A typical average salary is roughly $28,000.



Swimmers and sunbathers are protected by lifeguards operating in aquatic locations such as pools, lakes, and beaches.

They must inspect swimming places regularly to ensure that all recreational swimmers are having a safe time. The average annual salary is a bit over $28,000.

Dog Walkers

Dog walkers are animal care experts who specialize in getting dogs to exercise. While they walk dogs mostly, they may also involve them in other activities, such as feeding, watering, and providing companionship while their owners are gone. While simple outdoor careers, you can expect an average salary of around $35k per year.

Sports Coach

Individuals, usually youth or student-athletes, are taught how to play a sport successfully while adhering to specified rules and regulations by sports coaches.

They may create training programs for athletes to help them improve their physical performance and provide them with methods to help them win. It has a salary of around $36k per year and is one of those outdoor jobs that pay well without a degree if you are a sporty person.

Tree Care/ Arborist

National average salary: $50,889 per year

Tree climbers are professionals that do specialist tree maintenance. They use a range of ways of trimming trees and remove trees from residential and commercial properties. To perform these duties, tree climbers frequently employ ropes, harnesses, and other safety gear and use chainsaws while up a tree. National average salaries can be around $51k per year.


Fishermen catch fish and other aquatic life for human consumption and sale. They work onboard aquatic vessels like ships or boats, developing unique systems for attracting and catching fish in their natural environments. It can be an exciting life, but only in spells when at sea, and has an average salary of around $60k per year.

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