The Top 6 Best Rivers for Kayaking In United States

Kayaking can be done on any stretch of water, yet when you feel you are up to the challenge. You can take on a full river sailing and really test yourself.

Best Rivers for Kayaking In United StatesYou might think this is not for you, yet after a while of paddling around on calm waters, you will soon be looking for a challenge. Here are six of the best rivers you can tackle for those spills and thrills you are seeking.

Rivers come with classes of difficulty, so choosing one that best fits your skills is advisable, and whichever you prefer, you must brush up on your kayak safety.

Colorado River

The Colorado covers over 1400 miles, so there is plenty of water for you to choose from. Skill classes range from 1 to 4, so there are plenty of spots you can choose.

Colorado River for KayakingIt should be noted, if you want to kayak through the Grand Canyon, there are permits and regulations you have to follow. These should be in place rather than just turning up and expecting to sail off down the River into the unknown.

The Youghiogheny

Being somewhat shorter than the Colorado at only 134 miles long. This river is great for kayaking in Virginia, Youghiogheny for KayakingPennsylvania, and Maryland. It has stretches that cover class 2 to 5 so areas with rapids can be a little rougher than other rivers.

The Youghiogheny River also has water trail maps available that cover two regions. The southern section will cover just under thirty miles from Confluence to South Connellsville. Much of this section takes you through a full range of paddling experiences through the Ohiopyle state park.

The northern section covers just under 50 miles from Connellsville to McKeesport and takes you through many towns of historical value that were constructed in the peak of the coal industry.

Wet and Wild Chattooga

Without a doubt, this is one of the best kayaking rivers in the USA . Difficulty ranges from 3 to 4 so most stretches can begin testing your paddling skills. You won’t just see nature while tackling the Chattooga River; you will be feeling it at its best.

Wet and Wild Chattooga for KayakingIf you are in the region of South Carolina or Georgia and are looking for adventure, or your further afield and you are after that weekend challenge. This river ticks all the right boxes.

Gauley River

Flowing through the Gauley River National Recreation Area is the Upper Gauley. This flows through West Virginia and has some of the best whitewater in the world. Being skill level 4 to 5, you can quickly see why.

Gauley River for KayakingThis is the river of choice for many who seek whitewater paddling. The best times to visit are during the Fall Gauley Releases which begin on the first weekend after Labor Day. You can also attend the Gauley Fest which happens to be the largest paddling festival in the world.

Whitewater on the MulberryWhitewater on the Mulberry for Kayaking

Flowing through Arkansas, the Mulberry River has its fair amount of legendary whitewater for you to enjoy. This can really test your skills as there is close to 50 miles of whitewater stretches during certain times of the year. Having a class 2 to 3 rating, it is not the most challenging river, yet it can be one of the more exciting ones.

Kennebec the Hidden Gem

The Kennebec River is not on the radar for a wild paddling destination. What it does offer is a more natural wilderness feel to your paddling experience. It does have some areas that give the effect of light rapids, so it is more suited to individuals who are just dipping their toes into the river kayaking experience.

Kennebec River for KayakingThere are many boat landing areas which allow you to make shorter or longer trips, and if you are up for some lung searing paddling action, you can make the 17 miles Waterville to Augusta trip which can fill a good part of your day.

These some of the best rivers that cover a wide range of skills, yet for any river venture, you have to choose the best kayak for rivers as these will be a little more durable and more suited to this experience. If you are new to the whole experience.

Before jumping in headfirst, you should spend a short time finding the equipment you will need. The least you need to know is how to choose a kayak. Speaking to a person who is already into river kayaking , then trying to guess for yourself is more advisable.

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