How to Use Camping Can Opener?

When you are looking at hitting the trails, taking a camping trip deep in the great outdoors, or venturing out on a biking expedition, there is one piece of outdoor gear that will prove invaluable.

A can opener is one thing, which everyone can use at some stage. Opening cans and bottles can catch out the most experienced campers when they forget to add them into their packs, bags, or along with their bike accessories.

There are many different types of a can openers, yet, not all are suitable to be included in camping gear.

We will look at the various kinds you can get, which is the best type, and how you use it as one of your kitchen tools as much as you can for maintenance, repair, or any of the other uses you may think of.

Victorinox Fieldmaster

Swiss Army Knife Can Opener

These are one of the largest names in multi-function devices. While they are not can openers, they can opener and bottle opener as some of their basic tools.

The number of knives they offer is extensive, and for many people, these can be a good solution for camping.

However, these are expensive and not light to carry when the weight is a consideration. Not only this, the tools they supply may not be the best or easy to use when you need them.

The most popular model, which cuts down on weight, is the Victorinox Fieldmaster. This has 15 tools and a lifetime warranty.

Leatherman Multi-function Tools

These are also world-famous and can be used in all manner of situations. They are touted as the most advanced multi-function tool ever.

They come with blades, screwdriver bits, bottle openers, and a knife-style can opener like the knife above. The one thing that makes them stand out.

They are mainly built around a pair of pliers, which are high quality and durable. These are good for emergency survival, and you can create an account to get all the updates on the innovations.

There was an issue with these a few years ago, and there were much product recalls on the children’s multi-tool.

The locking mechanism was failing and releasing the blade. This could cause lacerations, or when packed along with sleeping bags or camping showers, you may find your gear full of holes.

This being said, the larger versions are great survival tools or to be carried around by workmen.

Regular Can Opener

Here, we will leave out the one where you turn the handle after clamping down on the sides of the can.

These are not suitable for left-hand use and are often not built to a very high standard that will survive extensive outdoor camping.

The one which can be seen as a good option is the Old-fashioned chef style can, bottle and corkscrew.

This regular can opener is light, has several uses, yet they are not safe to be thrown in a backpack because the tip of the blade protrudes longer than the body of the opener.

Again, these are not heavy-duty. They are suitable for a camping can opener for car campers with a dedicated box for their kitchen utensils.

These are likely for campers who take camping chairs along with them rather than survival camping.

P-38 can opener

Military Can Openers

These military can openers have been tried and tested ever since the Second World War. They are super simple in design and can be used by right-handed or left-handed users.

The original design doesn’t come with included bottle openers; there are some variations where these are included.

While they are specifically made for opening cans, they are strong enough to be used in other situations where they fit.

The basic model can be used as a screwdriver because of its durability. They are a blade that folds out from a larger tab. These are compact and easy to use.

The most famous being the P38 can opener, and the 38 stands for how many cuts it takes to open a can. With a hole punched through the stainless steel, they are small enough to hang on a key ring.

For camping survival enthusiasts, these are perfect and weigh only a couple of ounces. More modern variations of the P38 opener include a spoon/ fork end, flat head for screws, open bottles, and hex nut wrench holes punched into the body. (Read Pop Up Trailer Weight)

Some come already attached to a carabiner for easy fastening to belt loops, backpacks.

How to Use a Military Camping Can Opener

  1. Here are the simple instructions on how you can use the P-38 can opener.
  2. Unfold the can opener blade from the body.
  3. Under the blade on the edge of a handle is a notch; slip the notch under the outer can lip.
  4. With the blade resting on the can lid, twist.
  5. This will pierce the can and make the first hole.
  6. Move the point of the opener, so the point rests at the edge of the first hole.
  7. Twist again and be sure the notch is tight on the lip. If it doesn’t sit correctly, it will pull the opener forward without cutting.
  8. With the P-38, you will have 36 more cuts to go before you are back at the start point.
  9. Repeat until there is a bit of metal holding the can and the lid to each other.
  10. You can either finish cutting or twist the lid upward and pull it from the can.
  11. Wipe the opener blade and fold it back flat against the handle.

To travel light and always have an available blade which you can use for all manner of uses, there is nothing better than these are.

If they were good enough for the armed forces, they are ideal for some weekend survival, camping, or out for some biking without taking up space or weighing you down.

How to Use Camping Can Opener

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