Snap Swivel Sizes Chart

There’s nothing better to avoid twisted lines and tangles than swivels for fishing with lures. The simple devices go way beyond using line alone. Using a simple knot, you can add one of the many different styles of swivel into your line setup, and say goodbye to twisted line headaches.

However, the relative size of swivels is totally objective and relates to the fish you are after, your line and hook sizes and thickness, etc. Before using any buying guide and find, you can buy swivel kits that offer bulk packs of multiple sizes and way more than you’ll ever use. You can use a fishing swivel sizes chart to have a custom-created selection.

In our guide, you can use our barrel swivel size chart to do just that. By the end, no matter if you’re out for big game fish, you can avoid wasting money on oversized bulk packs. You can pick the right snap swivel size to match your fishing line, fishing hook, and take up the right amount of space in your tackle box using a comprehensive snap swivel size chart. (Read Anchor Sizes Chart)

Snap Swivel Type and Sizes

How Do You Know What Size Swivel To Get?

Before picking any fishing snap swivels from a snap swivel size chart, it’s better to understand what they are and any differences. A snap swivel size chart isn’t much use if you are looking at an interlock snap swivel when you need a ball bearing swivel for your tiny shad darts.

Here, we go further about the humble fishing swivel before looking at the snap swivel size chart.

What are Fishing Swivels?

A fishing swivel is a device that prevents your line from twisting while you’re fishing. They’re usually made up of two rings joined by a pivoting piece. Twists in your fishing line can weaken it and cause knots. You should use a fishing swivel if you’re fishing in a circumstance where twisting is possible, such as trolling lures.

Types of Fishing Swivels

Ball-bearing swivels and barrel swivels are the two most prevalent types of fishing swivels you’ll find on a fishing swivel size chart.

Extreme swivels and finesse swivels are also available, but they are less common than these other snap swivels.

1. Ball Bearing Swivels

These swivels are commonly built with stainless steel bearings that allow the swivel to rotate between the spindle and the body. These swivels are helpful since they can frequently manage big loads.

They’re great for trolling as well. A ball-bearing swivel is an ideal solution for fishing for large saltwater fish. (Learn Where to Get Fishing License)

2. Barrel Swivels

Nickel-plated barrel swivels with brass pins are the most common type. These swivels are useful when fishing deep water with a drop shot rig since the line may twist when reeling it in.

When a prospective prize fish attacks your lure, constant twisting can weaken your line and create poor fishing hook sets, which is the last thing you want.

What Size Swivel Do I Use?

When choosing the proper size, you should pick a fishing swivel with a maximum strength that is somewhat heavier than your leader line. You can also go one size larger than your leader line’s strength. It is here your fishing swivel size chart helps.

A tiny swivel is more discreet, but a sturdy swivel is even more critical when fishing for big game. That is why it is preferable to employ something larger than something smaller.

The pound ratings of common fishing swivel sizes are listed. Yet, it’s still vital to double-check the swivel’s manufacturer as the pound ratings could vary significantly between brands’ pound rating chart and their supplied fishing swivel size chart.

Snap Swivel Size Chart

SIZEBreaking Strain LBS (KG)Length (mm)Eye Diameter (mm)Barrel Width (mm)
1/0132 (60)226.65.5
1103 (47)2065
294 (43)195.54.5
477 (35)154.54
666 (30)
841 (19)112.53

How Big Is A Size 2 Barrel Swivel?

Here you can see areas where you need fishing swivels. You’ll see that a larger swivel is better than a smaller swivel, as a strong swivel will ensure you don’t lose your hook or lure.

  • Braid to Monofilament Connection: Swivels are excellent for swiftly joining braid to monofilament, especially if unfamiliar with the best knots for tying mono to braid.
  • Braid to Fluorocarbon Connection: Swivels are useful for swiftly connecting braid to fluorocarbon leader line, especially if you’re not familiar with the best fluorocarbon-to-braid knots.
  • Fluorocarbon Monofilament Connection: Swivels are useful for swiftly connecting monofilament to fluorocarbon, especially if you aren’t familiar with the best knots.
  • Making a Bottom Fishing Rig: Swivels are great for building bottom fishing rigs because you can use them to position your fishing lead in various ways.
  • Adding An Egg Sinker String To Your Rig: Using a pre-cut snap swivel on the top to connect either a bimini twist or another swivel and a swivel on the bottom to act as a stopper, you can thread many egg sinkers to a length of monofilament.
  • Constructing Shark Rigs: When building shark rigs, swivels come in helpful. Most folks use them to connect your wire to your leader material, where the swivel is a bit heavier than the leader line.
  • Constructing Pre-Made Rigs: You can make a bunch of pre-made rigs if you have time. Swivels are typically added to these rigs so that you can quickly attach them when fishing in areas teeming with fish.
  • Keeping A Float For Live Baiting: You can retain a live bait at a specified depth by putting a float through a piece of mono with swivels on both sides.
  • Kite fishing: A snap swivel is recommended for setups with a loop, but a swivel will suffice, and your kite leader can be tied directly to the swivel.
  • Trolling Lures Rigging: When rigging trolling lures, especially smaller lures), you may wish to use a swivel instead of a loop at the end. You won’t need a snap swivel this way because you can tie right to your mainline.

What Is The Smallest Swivel Size?

You’ll often use a fishing swivel size chart to get the relative size before committing when you buy swivels. In addition, you can often order such things as a solid ring or split ring from one manufacturer to find they are nothing like ones from another. (Read Is Fishing A Sport?)

Here’s a bit more on the fishing swivel size to add to your fishing line.

Besides being more convenient than a tight knot, snaps and snap-swivels prevent line fraying at lure-tie sites. Others say swivels startle fish or, worse, attract toothier fish, leading to a line cut-off. Fortunately, fresh technological discoveries have rendered these arguments obsolete.

Choose the proper snaps and swivels for your fishing experience. These modest items in your terminal tackle can improve your setup by avoiding line twists and maintaining strong connections between line and lure or leader.


Lighter lines and even some trolling rigs are prone to twisting with in-line spinners, but a swivel can help ease this problem. Swivels are made up of two rings joined by a pivoting joint.


A simple snap will suffice if you’re not working with in-line spinners or twisted lines. Compared to a hard knot, these pieces of terminal tackle attach your lure to your line, allowing for more straightforward lure action.

Care for Swivel and Snap

As one of the smaller and more overlooked elements of your terminal tackle, Swivels and snaps might be disregarded for maintenance and care. After fishing, make sure to rinse them with water thoroughly. After handling a huge battling fish, double-check that swivels still rotate freely and that no damage has occurred.

Even with proper maintenance, snaps and swivels will wear out over time and should be changed regularly. This ensures that they will do their job and stay together when you need them the most.

Barrel Swivel Sizes

Barrel Swivel Size Chart

SIZEBreaking Strain LBS (KG)Length (mm)Eye Diameter (mm)Barrel Width (mm)
1/0132 (60)226.65.5
1103 (47)2065
294 (43)195.54.5
477 (35)154.54
666 (30)
841 (19)112.53

How Strong Is A Size 8 Swivel?

Here are a few swivel examples you can find. They may not need size charts, as these offer multi swivel sizes. It may not suit your fishing all the time, yet you can see there is a snap swivel size to meet every occasion.

1. Shaddock Barrel Swivel:

The swivel comes with a snap made from an excellent metal material and a black nickle finish. Thus, you’ll find high strength, corrosion resistance, and more.

You can use this swivel connector snap to connect many fishing hooks when rod fishing or in a string hook line group

The Shaddock swivel and snap rotate with minimal water resistance, to provide flexible rotation without hurting your fishing line

Shaddock Snap Swivel Size Charts

  • Size 10 – Length: 1.26″ – 31 lbs.
  • Size 8 – Length: 1.34″ – 31 lbs.
  • Size 6 – Length: 1.62″ – 40 lbs.
  • Size 4 – Length: 1.89″ – 55 lbs.
  • Size 3 – Length: 1.97″ – 55 lbs.
  • Size 1 – Length: 2.20″ – 95 lbs.

2. Facikono Fishing Swivels Snaps

The Facikono is a 2-in-1 fishing swivel snap combo. You can Fasten and disconnect easily. Using these, you can save time, effort, and money over buying swivels & duo lock snaps individually.

When using the swivel and snap, you’ll discover 360 smooth rotation of the swivel part—made from quality stainless steel to last. You’ll also get various size options you can gear toward your target fish and when to use a small snap swivel or larger to get the right size.

3. Amysports Ball Bearing Swivels Connector

The Amysports offers 3 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings for smooth rotation to prevent line breaking or twisting.

They offer a high-strength 100% copper body that has two welded rings. You’ll find sizes 0 to size 10 with a different pulling force. Coming with an included snap swivel size chart for easy identification, you’ll quickly pick one to add to your loop. (Read 8 Best Fishing Shows on Netflix)

4. 32 pcs Fishing Lead Sinker Rolling Swivel

In a pack of 32, you get weight in the middle with integrated rolling swivels. The interlock snap is suited to fishing on the shore, around rocks, and more.

The swivel and snap offer corrosion resistance and are durable enough to hang things outside of your fishing exploits.

They also offer high abrasion resistance, plenty of shock resistance for long life, and care for your fishing line.

Snap Swivel Sizes Chart

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