Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset

Your RV’s fridge will need to be reset from time to time, whether because of a power surge or another issue. It will happen, regardless of the brand, in the future. Knowing how to reset your fridge can save you both time and money and keep things cold as they are supposed to, without calling a repairman.

You may only need to switch the power off and on to reset the Norcold fridge. However, depending on the Dometic refrigerator model, you can find a reset switch near the top of your refrigerator or freezer, or in other cases, you may need to do it another way.

If you are wondering how do I reset my Dometic RV refrigerator, then you don’t need to look much further. In our guide, we have all you need to know about how to reset Dometic fridge.

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By the end, even if you don’t have a Dometic RV refrigerator reset switch, you can get your fridge working again without too much effort. (Read Dometic AC Troubleshooting)

Does My Camper Refrigerator Have a Reset Button?

Some find the location of the reset button on an RV fridge puzzling.

First, realize that turning the fridge on and off will not reset it. Different models are available so that a reset button location could vary.

However, it isn’t wrong to say the button is inside your RV fridge based on the standard conditions.

However, if this isn’t the case, there are other possibilities.

For example, an RV fridge has two-way settings. A propane tank or 120-volt electricity should be available.

Besides this, there are three-way models available. Both the propane tank and the 120-volt power can be used with these.

Look for a blown circuit in your fridge. The wiring should be identical to your home’s electrical system if it runs on a 120-volt circuit. When the check light is off, it often signifies no power.

If the light is out, check for a tripped circuit breaker, and then all you have to do is switch back to restart your Dometic refrigerator.

Your RV refrigerator’s heating element may have malfunctioned if you can’t find tripped wires in the breaker panel. Also, a malfunctioning control board could be another possibility.

You can replace these faulty parts to resolve the issue. However, if you’re having difficulties doing it yourself, an RV mechanic can help.

However, much of this depends on your refrigerator’s model. Some models feature a reset button; some do not.

Although this won’t work on older models, you may need to turn the power off and then turn it back on to reset newer models of refrigerator. (Read Dometic AC Fan Not Working)

Check your owner’s manual to discover if your camper fridge has a reset button.

Issues with Pilot Light

The first time resetting can help when your RV fridge’s pilot light doesn’t turn on the burners. Relighting won’t help as it will keep burning out.

Checking the thermonuclear is the first step in solving such a situation. It could be faulty, and you’ll need to replace it. If the problem persists, there is likely too much air in the gas line as this stops the pilot light from working.

To solve this problem, access the fridge’s gas valves, turn them off, and then again.

With newer RV refrigerators, you can simply do so by pressing a simple power button.

Otherwise, follow the steps for the manual resetting process.

Failed Burner

Many folks are unsure whether their camper fridge relies on propane or electricity. Unfortunately, this is pretty normal for people new to camping trips in an RV, which leads to a defective burner.

After 5,500 feet, it’s best to use AC power instead of gas, as altitude affects how liquid propane works. If you don’t switch things over, your burner will burn out.

Should this happen, a reset is the fix. Because the additional air may have clogged gas delivery pipes.

You may get rid of the additional air by resetting your RV fridge and purging your propane cylinder. That should fix this mess.

Next time, make sure you switch as soon as the altitude changes.

How to Reset a Camper Refrigerator

This is perhaps the most straightforward fridge repair if you have the proper model. To reset the fridge, push the reset button, or the on/off switch twice to carry out the reset process and revert it to the default settings.

Some older models don’t have a reset button; therefore, you’ll have to do it manually.

The owner’s manual is the best place to seek the reset button. Because each model is different, you need the relevant manual to find the power or reset button.

How To Reset a Dometic RV Refrigerator?

The on/off button on this Dometic refrigerator does not work to return your Dometic fridge to normal, and you have to locate the reset buttons on each model.

Simply find and push the reset button, and you should be back in business once you do.

One issue with the Dometic brand is that the reset button is located differently in each model.

The most common location of the Dometic RV fridge is inside the refrigerator’s fridge section.

You can reset two- or three-way models by simply turning the circuit breaker off and then back on. Your owner’s manual will be your most valuable process if you’ve never done this before.

How To Reset Norcold RV Refrigerator?

The power button on the Norcold RV fridge can be the Norcold RV refrigerator reset button. Turn off your RV refrigerator for a few minutes, usually 3 to 5 minutes, and your food should not be spoiled. (Read Dometic Thermostat Troubleshooting)

However, resetting the control panel’s circuit board requires wire removal and basic equipment.

To manually reset the device, you must separate and reconnect the wires many times.

  1. The first step is not to turn off our fridge. Instead, keep it running and find the fridge compartment outside your RV.
  2. Find the recall box with the glowing red light.
  3. If the light is off or flashing, the magnet won’t help.
  4. Locate the clips and gently remove them.
  5. Look for the reed switch on the control board, immediately above an LED light.
  6. Continue to click the magnet on the reed switch.
  7. After the click, check your RV refrigerator to see whether it works again.
  8. Wait 15 minutes before reinstalling the recall box.

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Where Is The Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset Switch?

It is located inside the Dometic ‘fridge’, near the back, near the compressor. As an example, an RVD7821XF has switches in the fridge’s door.

It’s next to the water supply on a PD6848XF; it’s on the top of the freezer compartment but not covered.

Dometic advises ‘resetting the fridge’ while installing or servicing a new fridge.

Dometic’s instructions are as follows:

  1. Disconnect all electrical power from the RV.
  2. Push and hold the ‘fridge reset’ button on the control panel front for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the button, and wait 10 seconds. Press and release a second time.
  4. Wait 10 seconds, and press and release a third time.
  5. Wait 5 seconds and repeat steps 2 – 4.
  6. Slide the control panel cover onto the front of your fridge.
  7. Re-connect all electrical power to your RV
  8. The reset procedure sounds simple, yet there are other ways to cause a reset.

Note: If you don’t know how to disconnect RV batteries from the electrical system, you shouldn’t try to do this.

dometic rv fridge working

How Does a Dometic RV Refrigerator Work?

If you have the right model, the fridge has a thermostat, and the freezer has another.

In a metal box on the right side of your fridge. With the door open, it’s at 3 o’clock.

When adequately cooled, the ‘fridge’ thermistor (top photo) should read -35°C to -40°C. When cooling properly, the ‘freezer’ thermistor should read -18°C to -22°C.

Why is my Dometic fridge not getting cold?

It is important to understand that the ‘freezer’ is separate from the ‘fridge’ compartment.

When you think it’s not cooling properly, you need to know which section isn’t cooling. For example, does your fridge compartment feel warm, or in the freezer section warm and defrosted?

What is the coldest setting on a Dometic fridge?

Dometic RVs fridges coldest setting is max. No additional cooling is provided by the ‘super chill’ button. (Find the Best Tent Air Conditioner)

The maximum level keeps food cold but takes longer to cool down than other settings.

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