Best Tent Camping In Virginia

Camping in Virginia could either be in well-curated areas which makes it convenient for campers or, you could opt for places wherein everything is primitive and in a back-to-basics sort of way. Many sites cater to RV’s as well, which provides electricity and water supply.

Normally RV sites have resort-style amenities which might even include cable connection and internet. How you want to rough it out is purely your preference but one thing is sure, Virginia has a lot to offer to all kinds of campers.

Best Virginia Tent Camping

Virginia Beach in False Cape State Park

Virginia Beach in False Cape State Park

False Cape State Park is the only underdeveloped area along Virginia’s Atlantic coast. This means, that this beautiful oasis has a shoreline that is untouched by developers and remains perfect for coastal camping. It is also one of the best campgrounds in Virginia.

The park is well-known for its primitive style of camping, which means that there is no electricity, no showers, or any stall bathrooms. But they do have several activities for the campers who visit the area.

The park is perfect for kayaking, biking trails, or simply just soaking under the sun with its beachfront that stretches for six miles. The campgrounds though have no vehicular access, so you would need to go on a quick hike or ride it out on your bicycle.

Access through boats is possible as well. Walk-ins are not allowed and reservations should be made days ahead of schedule. Do note that the experience might be difficult for beginners so it is best to come prepared.

The Mouth of Wilson in Grayson Highlands State Park

The Mouth of Wilson in Grayson Highlands State Park

This park offers basic campgrounds but it has amazing views. What’s interesting is that the park is the entry to Virginia’s highest peak which is Mount Rogers. It is also an entry point to get to the Appalachian Trail.

Hiking and biking are possible along the trail. Horseback riding is also allowed as long as you have the right permits for it. Another interesting aspect of this campground is that there is the wildlife that is roaming freely around the area.

Do not be surprised if you come across wild ponies that are running around the park freely. Power is provided at the campsites but there is normally no water supply around March to November.

There are also no bathrooms nor shower areas so be ready to rough it out while in Grayson Highlands.

Foster Falls Campground in New River Trail State Park

Foster Falls Campground in New River Trail State Park

Many activities keep New River Trail busy throughout most of the day. Many come to this park to hike, bike, do some fishing, and horseback riding. Most of the enthusiasts though always spend the night at the park’s campground.

Do note that Foster Falls is a primitive campground. Which means that you would need to rough it out. But no worries, as there are other campgrounds along the trail which offers a variety of experiences.

If you are opting for a more comfortable campsite, other grounds offer picnic tables, fire pits, and lantern posts. There are also shops wherein you can rent canoes, bikes, and other camping equipment.

There are also places along the park for the truly rugged camper. Sites like Baker Island and Double Shoals cannot be accessed by car so prepare for a hike to the campsite.

Camp Outback - Luray

Camp Outback – Luray

Luray is surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains and cloudy summits. It is a tent-only campground and has 25 wooden campsites that spread throughout the Camp Outback area. Each of the wooden campsites can accommodate up to ten campers.

Camp Outback also offers a charcoal grill, fire pit, and a picnic table. If you want to go fishing, there is also a site nearby. From the campsite, you can take a quick hike towards the Shenandoah River wherein a fishing lake is available.

Services are also offered along the river which offers canoeing, rafting, kayaking, and tubing. The camp’s amenities include restrooms and shower rooms. There is also firewood that is available for purchase.

If you are opting for a laid-back camping trip but do not want to lose the essential amenities, then this is the campground for you.

Draper’s Bluecat on the New

Draper’s Bluecat on the New

This campsite offers a unique service which allows you to experience what it is like to camp primitively. They offer Tipi rentals and primitive camping sites that are located around the area.

The tipis have rock floors but some cots are provided. For those who opt for more campsite amenities, six campsites have picnic tables and grills.

These sites also have a scenic view of the New River as they are located along the riverbank. Canoe and kayak rentals are also available to campers. For those who want to engage in fishing, equipment is available for rent as well as guided fishing services.

The New River Trail State Park is also located nearby. For those who want to do some hiking and mountain biking, the park is perfect for this activity. Bluecat on the New is one of the best places to camp in Virginia.


The best Virginia campgrounds depend on the camper’s preference. But what’s important is that the region has the best sites for all kinds of campers. It is also important that you research before venturing out on the trip.

If you like to rough it out, having the best tents for the money is of utmost importance. The great outdoors could be rough so you would want a tent that would survive. If you opt to travel light, then having the best ultralight tents could come in handy.

To further save on weight and space, you could also bring a double backpacking sleeping bag with you.

Best Tent Camping in Virginia

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