What are the Best Crossbow Arrows for 2018

Before you settle for a particular crossbow bolt brand, here are some things to always bear in mind:

  • Ensure that you use broadheads and field points of identical weight and that this weight is precisely the same as that of the heads you got with bolts that came with your crossbow.
  • Do not ever use arrow heads and arrow shafts lighter than your manufacturer’s recommended limit. Using heavier ones isn’t an issue, but lighter ones essentially mean that you’re dry-firing your crossbow, which will render its warranty void, lead to it malfunctioning, and cause you possible injury.
  • The majority of crossbow packages will come only with bolts that have target practice field points. Broadheads you’ll probably have to buy on your own.
  • Using heavier arrows than is recommended doesn’t carry any risk with it, but do bear in mind that it will bring down the FPS (velocity) output of your compound crossbow.

Here are a couple of the best carbon arrows for compound crossbows that you might want to take a look at:

#1: Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt Review – $35 to $67

Carbon Express

These Carbon Express arrows will provide you with the best penetration since they’re made from heavier carbon that results in the most kinetic energy, possibly at bone crushing levels! The advanced methods used in these surprisingly cheap carbon arrows’ construction yield superior accuracy because of the consistency of the spine, and also the more powerful knockdown.

The Crossbolt’s composite material retains its durability on impact, resulting in both reliability and consistency. 6 universal flat nocks, inserted moon nocks and standard 4-inch vanes are all part of the package with these bolts.

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The LAUNCHPAD™ Precision Nocks result in enhanced shaft alignment, controlled arrow release, and more consistent accuracy. Also included is a nock collar that acts as a protector for the shaft against nock-end impacts.

The front shaft section has BuffTuff® used on it, and the bolts feature Mossy Oak Brush pattern. Built-In Weight Forward™ technology is employed to give super down-range accuracy when using a broad head. Each bolt is laser sorted to make sure that it is straight and consistent with each shot.

#2: Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Carbon Arrows/Bolts Review


Black Eagle’s Executioner arrows do indeed live up to their name. These crested carbon arrows are built for speed, kinetic energy, and accuracy. They feature Executioner brass inserts that give an overall weight for ideal forward of center (FOC).

This maximizes the arrow’s accuracy during its trajectory, without loss of speed or kinetic energy, resulting in a deadly output from your crossbow. Grouped Together Technology is employed to match the spines of every dozen crossbow bolts, resulting in consistency.

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Each shaft is weighed and grouped to ensure that it is a perfect match. Black Eagle guarantees, at least, the straightness they’ve specified. The majority of the companies in this industry measure a 28’’ section, but Black Eagle Arrows measures the shaft’s full length.

These arrows come packaged with half-moon nocks as well as flat nocks. These bolts have nocks pressed to fit rather than glued onto them. Bohning vanes are also included.