Why Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel

Why place a crayon in your wallet when you travel? Is it because you’ll get bored and you can doodle, or is there more to this wallet trick than it first appears? One reason could be that crayons help maintain some order in your wallet. For example, a wallet bends when holding paper or cash, and a crayon can prevent this significantly to help keep credit and ID cards straightened.

However, there are other reasons why you place a crayon in your wallet when you travel.  From the tales of a girl and her younger brother found dead on their stepfather’s property, a brightly colored crayon could save someone’s life in the right situation.

In our guide, you can learn more about why experts say to keep a crayon in your wallet and a piece of paper. In the end, you may just take up the crayon in wallet hack, as it could help in a difficult situation or even a life-threatening situation to save a child’s life. (Learn How To Level A Travel Trailer)


Always Travel With Crayon and Paper

There are many “hacks” for traveling that folks are more than happy to share with you. There are some that are actually great and may potentially save someone’s life, even if some may seem like more trouble than they’re worth and will wipe out your entire life savings if you aren’t careful.

Why do some folks say keep a crayon in your wallet while traveling? There are a few reasons why people support this “travel” hack, and each one will vary depending on the reason and what you’re attempting to plan for.

You choose a crayon because it can virtually always be used to write.  If you keep the crayons wrapped in paper, any wax chips won’t harm the other items in your wallet, and you’ll always have something to doodle with or to keep a child occupied.

The same might be stated about a pencil, but you would need to go to the trouble of sharpening it if the tip breaks. You could also use a pen, but they often explode and spill ink all over the place.

Some folks pack a crayon inside their wallet to keep their wallet straight and help organize their cards. Wallets tend to bend, distorting the original shapes of any plastic or paper goodies you have stored. However, the crayon in wallet hack is supposed to stop that from happening because it contains a crayon.

Why Place A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel?

What can you do if your money and credit cards are stolen? Using the crayon to write a check is an old trick. Most people don’t have much experience with checks, so the person who steals your wallet or purse may be unaware of a typical checking account.

Sign a check to yourself for a sizable sum of money that you don’t have. You’ll discover where your wallet is when they try to cash it and drawing attention to them before they get caught by the police.

How Can A Crayon Save Your Life For Travel?

When traveling, there are a variety of reasons why someone might want to keep a crayon in their wallet. The crayon should be brought in since it can deceive security guards about money in your wallet at various checkpoints, which is the main reason.

Of course, everything depends on the country you are in. For instance, it might work and save you from having your wallet searched if you are in Japan, where the currency is extremely similar to crayon color.

There are lots of reasons for slipping a crayon into your wallet. You can become aware of the crayon hack rather immediately once you start traveling.

It appears that a straightforward crayon has the life to provide entertainment, save your wallet’s contents, and save lives in numerous ways. Why carry a simple crayon with you when you travel? To prevent your wallet from bending is one most important reason.

Credit cards and ID cards stored inside your wallet are susceptible to damage or bending, and if your wallet has a crayon, this small dual tool will stop it from happening.

You’ll also find a crayon is the best writing tool; however, it is a greater reason. It can write on any surface and is functional in damp and chilly conditions.  Even in the water, a crayon can write. A crayon is superior to even a pencil. The lead of a pencil is brittle and has to be sharpened.

A crayon may be removed from practically any surface, and they don’t leak like a pen often does. (Learn How Much Does A Travel Trailer Weigh)

Crayons Are Genuinely Great To Stop Child Endangerment

Children cannot always ask for assistance when their lives are in danger, or they need help. It can be easy for an older man to abduct a young child. However, if you carry a crayon and a piece of paper, you can put a crayon in their pocket for them to level a message.

Once a child appears to be in trouble, and the children have penned eye-catching notes on a white sheet of paper requesting help, lives have been saved. But, unfortunately, a pencil or a pen can’t do that. A young toddler making a crayon drawing won’t get much attention, and they can quickly write a note as if they were drawing with a simple packet of crayons.

Even if they don’t write a note right away, they can later, in a potentially fatal circumstance, leave clues or write on a toilet wall, and thus save them from a potentially life-threatening situation.

The pioneer of this method was Sarah Elrod-Ausbrook. It was something she had discovered while taking a course on protecting children. She then had a gut feeling a girl with an older man was in danger in Tennessee.

She thought back to her child endangerment course and slipped a crayon into a girl’s pocket after spotting warning signs. Many victims of abduction have left behind traceable markings. These are marks, and if not a note, they may be simple arrows on the walls and floors.

While it is unlikely that you will be abducted while walking down the street near your house, when you travel, things are different.  The U.S. State Department reports that kidnappings are increasing abroad and frequently targeted American tourists. So, slip a crayon in your wallet as it could save your life once you know how to use it. (Read Does Syrup Need To Be Refrigerated)

crayons for children

A Crayon Can Distract or Occupy a Child

On the lighter side, you’ve taken your kids on trips as they’ve become older. It takes place anywhere, including in long lines and waiting areas. Your child can draw and doodle if you have crayons and some paper. Alternatively, engage in a game of tic tac toe or hangman.

For this reason, many restaurants offer kids with miniature crayon sets. Until dinner arrives, it keeps kids and parents occupied.

Even paper tablecloths for drawing are available in some locations, and it can distract kids for a while. Drawing has been shown to be a stress-relieving activity for even parents. What is additionally taxing is traveling.

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