How to Build an Outdoor Shower Enclosure

It doesn’t matter if you spend time at the beach, hiking in the forest, or having a pool at home. You can even find yourself working in the garden and end up all dirty.

Outdoor living can quickly get dirty faster than you imagine. To save dragging all this in the home, you can contemplate building an outdoor shower enclosure for the home, or anywhere where you spend time.

One of the advantages of a DIY outdoor shower enclosure is that you can customize this to your own needs. (Find the Best Camping Shower)

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They offer enough privacy to shower or change, and you will find them highly convenient for hosing off your feet or washing down the pets.

By the end of this guide, you’ll quickly see how to carry out this low maintenance weekend project you can do anywhere using no more than garden, basic lumber, and material for your shower enclosure. If you want something more exotic, you can find out about outdoor shower kits that come pre-made and need erecting.

Often made from vinyl, and have a style to fit your homes, such as lattice options and a pergola style top. The installation is still straightforward, yet the outdoor shower enclosures may be more substantial than your DIY shower kit, and you may not have a sense of satisfaction.

Styles of Outdoor Shower Enclosures

A couple of the main considerations for your house shower are the shower style, as this can affect the design. Natural landscape can have a dramatic impact as it can change privacy and offer a view of mountains, ocean, or lakes.

Freestanding Showers

Freestanding outdoor showers are a standalone fixture attached to the ground or in a shower tray. You can install the shower wherever you wish as there is no need for a wall. For this style, you need to set up your water before installation as the mounting hardware attaches right to the surface it’s set on.

Wall-Mounted Showers

Wall-mount showers will fasten to a fence, an exterior wall of your home, or other solid structure. You will find them easier to install. A popular type of wall-mounted fixture is a shower panel. You will discover these are all-in-one outdoor shower kits and are easy to install.

Designs of Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Here are some design options for the outdoor shower options you can choose for your home to give you some inspiration.

Metal Design

Corrugated metal some sheen to your backyard and offering a weather-resistant area to rinse off after working in the garden or the pool. You can add a third wall for more privacy and incorporate a hinged door with stainless steel fixings.

Just a Curtain

Suppose you need something transportable or a low-commitment outdoor shower. You can purchase a stall kit and use this to hook up to a garden hose. All you need is a colorful curtain, and you have that cooling divide for summer weekends.

Slatted Wooden Beams

Stacked-slat construction can be a modern option for outdoor shower enclosures. Add some stone ledges and wedge these between the slats, and you have your soap and shampoo holders.

Fully Exposed Shower

If you have no neighbors or a concealed part of your home, you can omit the privacy and have a wall-mounted outdoor shower kit installation that takes nothing more than simple plumbing assembly, showerhead, and water access.

Under Arbor

Arbors and a pergola are for walking under, so combine these with the inclusion of your outdoor shower. It offers great privacy and takes little plumbing to install one on the weekend.

Forest Shower

If you don’t have any plumbing skills yet a sturdy tree, you can go for the simplest outdoor shower enclosure possible. Attach a showerhead to your garden hose and fix it to a branch.

Assembly Required Free Standing Shower

You can cleverly construct hardwood outdoor showers that are temporary yet look permanent. You can remove these when you come to the end of summer, and there is no digging for plumbing g needed. While made from hardwood, these removable free standing outdoor shower enclosures are easy to assemble look permanent. (Learn How to Clean Underside of Camper Awning)

How to Build a Simple Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Here are the directions to construct an outdoor shower for your house. Because of available space, you can custom fit this as the area may vary.

Things You Will Need

  • 2 x lengths of 3/4-inch PVC pipe, 10-feet long
  • 3 x end caps – 3/4-inch
  • 3 x ‘T’ couplings – 3/4-inch
  • 1 x Female adapter, 1-inch reducing to 3/4
  • 2 x 90-degree couplings – 3/4-inch
  • 1 x Female adapter – 3/4-inch
  • Showerhead
  • Pipe cutters
  • Measuring tape

If you plan to use high water pressure or move your shower frequently, you may have to use primer and PVC glue to adhere the pipe together. Also, make sure the shower is on level ground.

This outdoor shower can be placed anywhere and easily moved. If needed, you can add a permanent covering or extra wall panel (wood. metal, or vinyl) around the shower for more available privacy and stop it from being open.

Steps to building an outdoor shower:

  1. Using pipe cutters, cut one piece of PVC pipe to 6 feet long.
  2. Cut three pieces of PVC pipe to 3 feet each.
  3. Cut each 3-foot piece in half, then reconnect using a T coupling.
  4. Connect two of the 3-foot pieces using the third piece. It would help if you ended up with a capital ‘H’ shape.
  5. Ensure the ‘T ‘coupling on the center piece points towards the sky as it rests flat on the ground.
  6. Connect the 6-foot piece of PVC pipe to the middle 3-foot piece using the T coupling. Connect one 90-degree coupling to the top of the 6-foot piece.
  7. Cut a 4-inch piece of PVC pipe, then connect it to the 90-degree coupling.
  8. Connect the next 90-degree coupling to the opposite side of the 4-inch piece.
  9. Connect your 3/4-inch female adapter to the 90-degree coupling (facing downward). Attach the showerhead to the female adapter via the female adapter.
  10. Connect the 3/4-inch end caps to three open ends, or ‘legs,’ of your shower.
  11. Connect your 1-inch female adapter to reduce to 3/4 inch on the last open end of the legs of the shower.
  12. Connect your garden hose to the female adapter on the leg
  13. Turn the water on, and it will flow through the PVC pipe and out of the showerhead.

You will see this shower is among the most basic and free-standing. The PVC vinyl kit is highly affordable and effective. You can even make it so you can take it camping if there is access to water.

For use around the house, you can easily add walls once you have assembled it, or you can check out the designs above.

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An outdoor shower may appear simple, yet you can find lots of options from complete kits with everything included in the above shower designed for portability. (Read Camping Food No Cooking No Refrigeration)

Inspiration, shower designs, sizes, and budget are all you need to determine which is the best outdoor shower for you.

How to Build an Outdoor Shower Enclosure

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