Is Paddleboarding A Good Workout?

Paddleboarding is an excellent way for you to enjoy the outdoors and while also helping you appreciate nature and the water more.

You also have to take into account how low of an impact it has on the environment. It’s an all-manual activity with your body powering it the entire time. So, now you might be wondering how good of an activity it is for your body.

What is paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding is essentially a popular watersport where you have to be on a board as you paddle your way through the water. (Read What to Wear Paddle Boarding)

Think of it as something similar to when you are on a boat and you are sailing through the water by paddling. But the difference between that and paddleboarding is that the latter requires you to be on a flat board.

But how much of a difference does being on a paddleboard have compared to being on a boat. Because a paddleboard is constructed to be flat, it will be more difficult for you to stay on it.

You have to exert a lot of effort to stay on the actual board, and you have to learn how to use a paddle board first.

How do you use a paddleboard?

There are essentially plenty of different ways that you can use a paddleboard. First, when trying to learn how to use one, you need to know the basics. Of course, the most crucial part is that you have to be on the board first.

But because a paddleboard is made to be flat, it can be pretty tricky to keep yourself on the board while paddling. Unlike boats, there are no borders or rails that will help keep on you on a paddleboard. Instead, you have to rely on your strength and balance to stay on it.

Kneeling on a paddleboard can be a good start for you because it’s easier to do and allows you to balance yourself better. All you have to do is mount the board while on the water and then get yourself into a kneeling position. Doing so won’t require you to exert a ton of effort to stabilize your body since all you have to do is focus on paddling.

As we said, paddleboarding does require your body to exert some effort. That’s why paddleboarding workouts have become popular for plenty of outdoor enthusiasts. This can be quite common in towns and cities that are near bodies of water.

Group of Paddleboarding Beginners

Is paddleboarding a good workout?

When you look at paddleboarding’s anatomy, you will see how good of a workout it can be. Unlike when you are on a boat that balances itself, you don’t have that kind of luxury on a paddleboard. So instead, paddleboarding requires that you exert some effort during the entire activity.

First off, paddleboarding can be a great way for you to work your upper body. Whether you are kneeling or standing, the fact that you use your upper body to paddle through the water already works those muscles. It might not seem much, but the paddle’s weight and the water resistance can be enough to train your upper body muscles.

Secondly, paddleboarding can train your leg muscles, especially if you are standing on one. Standing on a paddleboard is the better choice for those who are already confident enough to do so. That’s because you will be working those leg muscles hard to stabilize yourself on the board the entire time.

And third, being on a paddleboard itself can already be enough to improve your core strength. Your core muscles are responsible for stabilizing your entire body. Those core muscles will be working non-stop to provide stability if you don’t want to fall off the board.

Of course, paddleboarding for as long as possible is the right way for you to maximize your time outdoors. That means that you won’t be paddleboarding for just a few minutes. Think of yourself paddling through the water for at least 45 minutes while standing up. You can only imagine how that can be enough to tire your entire body out.

In short, the best thing about paddleboarding workouts is that it works your entire body out in an efficient way. It’s a fun and exciting way for you to work those muscles and appreciate nature more alone or with a few people.

How many calories does paddle boarding burn?

There is no exact way to tell how many calories you burn while paddleboarding. That’s because it depends on plenty of factors, such as your size as well as time and intensity. (Read How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn?)

But some indications suggest that merely paddling at a leisurely pace can already burn more than 400 calories in an hour. That’s more than brisk walking can burn. Meanwhile, if you pick up the pace, you can burn more than a thousand calories in an hour. That can be similar to the calories you can burn when you spend an hour running.


Why choose paddleboarding?

Now that you know how good of a workout paddleboarding is, you might be wondering why you should prefer it over other workouts. After all, paddleboarding may work your entire body out but not in the same way as a full-body workout in the gym. Moreover, running for an hour is a lot more convenient than going to a body of water just to paddleboard.

Well, while it might be true that paddleboarding might not be as convenient and as easy as other workouts, it does have some advantages.

The first is that it is quite fun to do, breaking the monotony of doing gym workouts. It’s not only a workout but is also an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors.

And the second reason why paddleboarding might be a good choice for you is that it is a low-impact workout. Running or jogging or doing other cardio workouts may be great at burning calories, but they can hurt your joints.

Meanwhile, because paddleboarding tends to be easy on your joints, you can enjoy it without having to feel any joint pains after. This makes it an excellent workout for older people and for those who are nursing injuries.

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Is Paddle Boarding A Good Workout

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