5 Best Hunting And Fishing Apps

Nowadays, there is a lot more about hunting and fishing than there used to be. There are many hunting and fishing apps for your device to help anglers and hunters know the best areas, and the best times to go.

Sun up, sundown, and which moon phase is the best for the best chances. Hunter apps are plenty, yet not all are useful to help guide you through the season.

Some may offer in-app purchases, yet the ones here are generally free, and you can use them without restrictions throughout the hunting or fishing season.

As there are so many, we have here, five of the best hunting apps for Android and iOS that can help you bag the dream catch you desire from your hunting or fishing trips.

Top 5 Hunting and Fishing Apps

Powderhook App

1. PowderHook

Powderhook allows all Americans to spend a wonderful day outdoors. It does this via creating relations between hunter and angler who doesn’t know where to go. It matches them with veterans who wish to help someone get started.

The app is for both hunters and fishermen and focuses on locating public lands; you can use the map overlays and a social networking platform where you can join other hunters and anglers share photos on their social media, information, and tips with locals in the region.

The app provides endless information on fish species, and where and when to hunt.

Merely tap on a public land area, and it gives you details: acreage, property boundaries, and reviews. You can use the GPS, hunt fish or sling your rifle over your shoulder and keep moving.

It lacks the sophistication of onX but offers connectivity and interpersonal exchange between both hunters and fishermen.  If you sign up for the pro version, you get a 30-day free trial on your device. (Learn How Turn Old Phone into GPS Tracker)

onX App

2. onX

onX is the premier hunting app you can find. It is a smart hunting-specific GPS mapping app that comes with a lot more features to make it a worthy investment.

You can view property boundaries in real-time as you head off into the field, the app is easy to use and loads quickly, and can still work if you happen to find yourself in a low service area.

It also allows you to download maps for offline usage, so you don’t need to worry about eating up your data.

If you have a monthly membership, you can pay to gain access to private property owner information. With this feature, you can approach potential property owners and then ask their permission to hunt or fish game.

You can opt for 1 state for $29.99 per month, or you can opt for a premium subscription where it is $99.99 per year or $14.99 per month.

Deercast App

3. DeerCast

A special intelligent deer hunting app offers over 70 years of advanced hunting experience from two of the most efficient outdoor deer hunters ever. It was designed by the founders of Drury Outdoors, Mark and Terry Drury brothers.

The Drury duo launched a somewhat successful brand in 1989 and became a widely recognized name in any hunter’s household.

DeerCast provides users with on-the-field algorithms that determine the best time when the deer is to travel. The forecasts given are broken down to the hour.

The algorithm can be tailored to your deer area with real-time meteorological data with 13 weather variables.

There is professional advice on what you can reach from experienced trackers and how long you can wait. In the monitoring process, you can also learn what to look for. The app is free and available from Google Play and Apple App Store

Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time App

4. Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time

Using this app, hunters can make fishing and hunting trips more effective. The app bases all its information on the Solunar Tables theory application, thus determining the possible feeding of all kinds of fish and wildlife.

Based on the moon phase and the phases concerning the sun’s position, you have information on the best times for fishing or hunting.

You can the Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time app to plan trips and maximize your chances of success! the app lets you save places and many other features you can see here. You can find the app on the Google Android app store and the Apple store.


  • Location: Auto GPS or Manual Entry
  • Save favorite locations for future reference
  • Major & Minor Feeding / Activity Periods
  • Day Rating for hunt times
  • Moon Rise / Moon Set Times
  • Sunrise / Sunset Times
  • Day / Month Views
  • Current Weather and 5-Day Forecast
  • Calendar for checking solunar data in advance
  • Moon phases
  • Tides charts

Fishangler App

5. Fishangler

Designed specially for fishermen, the number one rated app has lots to offer.

You get instant access to the latest fishing hot spots, local catches, and a real-time fishing forecast.

It enables you to turn your phone with the best free fishing app, and comes with premium map layers, fishing times, and much more!

Main Features

  • Explore GPS maps, including millions of data points.
  • Find ideal times to catch fish with the Fishing Forecast.
  • Log & track your catches using over 45 catch attributes
  • Includes real-time weather conditions
  • Connect with other Anglers, obtain fishing tips & show off your catches on social media.

You can connect your business or brand to the world’s number one fishing platform, all free and available from Google Play or the Apple app store. The free app includes fishing reports, the best fishing spots, and information on the best species in your region.

Hunting apps often come with some great features to help scout the terrain and finding all manner of feeder creeks. Fishing apps tend to have features track fish and check other fisherman’s reports. (Read Fishing TV Shows)

However, as you can get great free offerings in both sections, nothing is stopping you from downloading the best of each depending on the types of sports you enjoy. The most significant advantages are the location and mapping boundaries of private land you can face.

These are highly useful when you are following a trail across public land in a strange area, and are unsure where you can and can’t go.

You can turn your phone into a great wealth of information that is accessible right at your fingertips.

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5 Best Hunting And Fishing Apps

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