The Top 5 Camping Spots for Families in West Virginia

It does not matter where you live in the USA camping in West Virginia can be a great place to travel. The Mountain State is the home of many great camping sites you can visit.

To make things a little more comfortable, here are five of the best places you can visit on your next family camping trip.

Coopers Rock, Bruceton MillsCoopers Rock, Bruceton Mills, WV

Taking its name from the old legend of a fugitive who was on the run from the law. He continued his trade of making wooden barrels in his new hideout.

In later years the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) constructed some structures in the forests from highly durable American chestnut.

A number of these structures still stand and include picnic shelters that are situated close to the “Overlook” and are now included on the National Register of Historic Places.

While in Coopers Rock there are many activities to keep you and the family busy. Numerous treks take you through the forests and give you some fantastic photo opportunities, or there is the six-acre trout pond where you can do a spot of family fishing.

New River Gorge, Fayetteville, WV

It does not matter which type of camping you prefer, from the bare-bones primitive type camping where you are right in the midst of nature, or you prefer a few more mod cons.

New River Gorge has a campsite that can meet any family’s needs. All you have to do is decide and then tick off the items in your camping essentials list, and you are good to go.

There is an abundance of activities in the area from historic areas, scenic overlooks for those panoramic pictures to the wild rides of white water rafting.

Fishing and swimming are also high on the to-do-list, so there is more than enough to keep the younger members of the family happy.

Beech Fork, BarboursvilleBeech Fork, Barboursville, WV

This is another excellent location for all the members of the family. You can participate in boating, fishing and the many varieties of wildlife watching you can take part in around the lake.

There are a little over three thousand acres you can explore on the various hiking trails, be it on foot or by pedal power. You will find you are there and at one with nature and you can see all the different flora and fauna on your route.

Beech Fork Lake has become a family favorite and spots for overnight camping fill up quickly. With over 275 sites situated in the region and 80 of these being close to the lake, it shows what a great place it is for a family camping trip.

North Bend, Cairo, WV

The park takes its name from the giant horseshoe-shaped bend in the Hughes River. The park has many recreational facilities that will keep the most active of families busy for a while. You can do the compulsory swimming, fishing in the many streams, hiking, and boating.

The difference is the many treks you can take on foot, by bike or saddle up and go horseback riding through the many scenic routes that are mapped out for you.

While you are out and about, you can take part in a spot of Geocaching and see what treasures have been left for you to find.

Just make sure you have an item you can leave in place, for the next happy family member who visits North Bend.

Lynn Lake, East LynnLynn Lake, East Lynn, WV

This area was created as a result of the Army Corp of Engineers project to control floods. Now it is also used for fish management and recreational use.

Gentle slopes lead up from the lake into the surrounding woods and the 46,000 acres you can explore.

In the area, there are many areas you can camp, but East Fork rises above the other for the many amenities and recreational activities on offer. Due to the popularity of East Fork, it is reservation only.

However, get your name down early enough, and you can make full use of the many trails, the swimming areas, and child’s playground.

There are also numerous regular and group picnic areas that can entertain the largest of groups.

With boat ramps and fishing docks, you can do a spot of fishing from the side of the lake or head out onto the open water and make it a trip to remember.

Once you have had your fill of fishing, you can always try your hand at a little water skiing if you find you can keep your balance.

Top 5 Camping Spots for Families in West Virginia

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