5 Best Camping Sites In Colorado

Camping is a great way to be one with nature. That feeling of being disconnected from the hustle and bustle lifestyle of the city is always refreshing.

Camping out in the best areas is a different experience altogether. Scenic landscapes are always a refreshing sight. And when it comes to the great outdoor destinations and natural beauty, only a few sites can compare to what Colorado offers.

There are two different types of campers in the Colorado area, those who make advanced reservations and plan out the whole trip ahead of time and those who pack and go. But no worries, Colorado campsites can accommodate most campers most of the time.

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For those who make reservations, many mountain resorts are available that would cater to your camping needs. And for those who like to compulsively rough it out, Colorado has many campsites for you as well.

5 Best Places to Camp in Colorado.

1. The Maroon Bells

Without a doubt, The Maroon Bells are one of the famous locations in Colorado. Its scenic view consists of two 14,000 foot mountains. These mountains are one of the most photographed ranges in North America.

This campsite offers fantastic views all year round. Car campers and backpackers alike will have three campsites to choose from located in the mountain’s shadow.

The Maroon Bells

Each of the campsites offers the same scenic wilderness setting, which covers the beautiful Maroon Lake. Regardless if you choose to stay in Silver Bar, Silver Queen, or the Silver Bell campsite, you can never go wrong with your choices.

Each of the campsites is equally beautiful and a must-visit to all campers. The Maroon Bells campsite is near the town of Aspen. So if ever you need to go for a supply run, the city is just a quick drive away.

2. Pinon Flats Campground

The Pinon Flats Campground is located in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This campground has been around for over 60 years and has been a classic favorite of campers from all over the country.

The camp area has several trail loops that grant campers access to the dunes. When the Medano Creekflowsg above ground level, you can plan on some high-altitude mountain beach time. The creek’s water flow at the foot of the dunes.

Pinon Flats Campground

Just note that this added attraction attracts more people when the creek overflows and campsites fill up fast. Pinon Flats offer 88 sites for tents and RV’s alike. The north end of the camp has the best views to offer.

You can only make reservations for the Loop 2 campsites.

3. Oh Be Joyful Camp Site

This site does not only have an attractive name, but the location is fantastic too. Oh, Be Joyful is located near Crested Butte and is a gateway to a massive area called the Raggeds Wilderness.

The total area spans more than 65,000 acres with an altitude of over 7,000 feet. This campsite is perfect for those campers who like to rough it out in the wild.

Oh Be Joyful Camp Site

In addition to the heart-stopping views of the mountains and whatever the horizon has to offer, Oh Be Joyful campers can also engage in hiking, fishing, and trail biking out in the Raggeds as well.

The town of Crested Butte is a joy to visit as well. When you are out camping, make sure you drop by the city. There are many good restaurants and pubs and in the area as well as different shops to explore. Each of these locations is oozing with nostalgic mountain-town vibes. (Read Best Colorado Hiking Trails)

4. Bear Lake Campground

If you like picture-perfect sceneries, then the Bear Lake Campground is for you. The campsite is located within the Rocky Mountain National Park. This campsite is sure to please recreational campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

This area is perfect for angling so for anglers, make sure you bring your gear with you. Nothing is more perfect than looking at the beautiful view while trying to reel in some of those Colorado trouts.

Bear Lake Campground

The Cucharas River, located nearby, is a perfect place to do some serious fly fishing. When you plan on going camping here, make sure to bring along your mountain bike or your ATV. The Indian Creek Trail is open to hikers and horseback riders, bikers, and all-terrain vehicles.

5. Cottonwood Pass

When we talk about free camping in Colorado, Cottonwood Pass always comes out as the top destination. It is only about ten minutes from Buena Vista. It is one of the sites for the best tent camping in Colorado. You can camp out in the wild for the night and still enjoy easy access to town.

If you opt to gout out fishing, you can camp near the Taylor Park Reservoir. The marina in the area rents out fishing boats, complete with a deli and a bait shop. Cottonwood Pass is composed of many camping sites along the lakeside and the mountain peak areas.


The Colorado campgrounds are undoubtedly one of the best campsites in the country. It is not just about having good trails or camping near sites for outdoor activities. Colorado’s scenic views are the main attraction of these campsites.

So if ever you are out on the Colorado wilderness camping, make sure that you take time and appreciate the beauty around you. Make sure you bring with you your best lightweight camp chair, a can opener for camping, as well as your favorite food and beverages.

Indeed, the Colorado countryside will never disappoint outdoor enthusiasts.

5 Best Camping Sites in Colorado

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