Should You Invest in Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Your great outdoor escape doesn’t need to look like a thrilling scuba dive in the ocean’s depths or a heart-thumping dive off a waterfall. It can also be a relaxing boat ride in a quiet corner of a lake, waiting patiently for the fish to bite. Indeed, more and more Americans are recognizing the beauty of fishing; according to a report from Businesswire, the hobby has been enjoying an upward trend in popularity since 2015.

Still, this activity has risks: fishing is a watersport done under the bright sunshine, which can incur dangers for your eyes. You need to have the right equipment to revel in fishing risk-free, including polarized sunglasses. Read on to learn about this protective eyewear and how it can be helpful for fishing.

What are polarized lenses?

Regular sunglasses protect you from UV light—radiation from the sun that causes eye ailments like cataracts and macular degeneration if you get too exposed to it. However, UV light damage isn’t all the harm sunlight can do. Light rays don’t simply dissipate. They bounce off surfaces, creating light glare that can also hit your eyes and impair your vision. Standard sunglasses don’t protect you from that.

Polarized lenses do. Even better, there are polarized sunglasses made specifically for water sports, including fishing. Case in point, premium brand Oakley offers a wide selection of styles and features, such as polarized prescription sunglasses, transition lenses, and warranty or repair programs. One of those pairs, the Sling Shot, are often branded as shallow water sunglasses, and as they’re tested under high-velocity conditions, a stray jig head to the lens isn’t likely to cause damage either. Even a casual angler can find a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses suitable for the occasional trip to the river – they’re increasingly common, and whilst Oakley and brands such as Costa Del Mar have pairs made for water sports, there are plenty of budget alternatives that can offer similar protection.

Man holding large fish in river

Benefits of wearing polarized glasses for fishing

They protect you from reflected light

As someone who fishes, you’re especially susceptible to light glare. You’re continuously surrounded by a reflective body of water under the warm sunshine, which means light can attack your eyes from every angle. Wearing polarized lenses provides you with the protection you need—within its lenses is a special polarizing film that shields you from horizontal light. An exceptionally safe choice is the Costa Paunch XL, which covers your eyes entirely while maintaining stability through its frame-integrated nose pads. Additionally, they’re very lightweight and water-repellant.

They help you see fish

When you put your polarized lenses on the boat, you’re in for a startling treat: eliminating the sun’s glare lets you see directly into the water. Polarized lenses enhance your visual clarity and give you a full field of vision of your lake or pond’s vibrant underwater colors. The Maui Jim Alenuihaha exemplifies this, boasting Super Thin Glass technology that promises an outstanding view of the depths. Even camouflaging fish will be no match for you and your sunglasses.

It’s adaptable to weather conditions

Every fishing day is different. Sometimes, the weather can be sunny and serene. Sometimes, it’s rough, with clouds signaling an imminent storm. However, your eyes still need sun protection even in the rain. UV rays can better disperse during overcast periods because of the reflective nature of clouds, making your polarized sunglasses even more essential. If you dislike wearing sunglasses when it’s dark outside, Oakley again offers a solution: its classic Frogskins Lite sunglasses have interchangeable polarized and tinted lenses. You can put on dark shades on clear days, and on cloudy days, wear amber-tinted lenses to increase visual acuity and continue shielding your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses can both preserve your eyes and level up your fishing. Purchase a pair today to get the above benefits.

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