5 Best Camping Sites in Michigan

Michigan is an ideal state for enjoying a vacation jam-packed with activity. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and there are sites throughout the many counties to choose from. Campgrounds in Michigan vary, from inland lakes, coastlines, or dense forests. The options for you are many.

The Great Lakes State is popular to campers since it is extremely accessible to waterways, making it ideal for surfing, swimming, kayaking, boating, angling, and all sorts of aquatic activities. There are also amazing views of lakes, mountains, and other countryside vistas. Furthermore, the state has cool nights and warm days, making camping in Michigan ideal.

5 Best Places to Camp in Michigan

Lakeport State Park-min

1. Lakeport State Park

Situated by Lake Huron, this destination gives visitors access to the Great Lakes. You can choose between two units separated by the village of Lakeport. Between the two campgrounds, there are over 200 sites. I liked these camp areas since the sites have modern conveniences like electricity, water, shower/toilets, picnic tables, and fire circles.

I also found this park a good compromise between the outdoors and basic conveniences. Wildlife viewing and water activities are abundant as you can swim, fish or boat. The camping experience is very beach-like, with lots of cabins to rent if you forgot your tent or prefer something else.

The cabins are perfect for families wanting a camping experience that is not too extreme.

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping-min

2. Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

A popular area for nearly half a century, Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping is located on 200 acres and along a mile of shoreline. You will have more than 600 campsites with cabins of every level of comfort to suit every taste and budget. There are sites for tent enthusiasts and campers, RV designated areas with access to electricity, water, and sewer services.

The cabins range from single room to two-story units. The more casual camper will enjoy this place, given its access to many amenities. I think the best camp shower experience I had was here.

Bikes for rent aids outdoor exploration, and there are many trails to choose from. There is an 18 hole golf course, heated pool, full-sized basketball court, and playgrounds for kids.

Ludington State Park and Campground

3. Ludington State Park and Campground

This site has it all – dunes, wooded forests, marshlands, wetlands, and beaches. It is located between Hamlin Lake and Lake Michigan. The park sits on 5,300 acres with shorelines of many miles along both lakes.

The 360 campsites and availability of cabins in the modern campgrounds were great. There are three sites, namely Cedar, Beechwood, and Pines. There is the Jack Pine Hike-In Only Campground for campers looking for a more rugged experience, where several tent sites are reachable only on foot or by bike.

I also enjoyed the Big Sable River that allowed campers like myself access to water activities like fishing, tubing, paddling, and boating. If you prefer dryland adventures, there are more than 20 miles of marked trails that will take you thru forests, dunes, and wetlands. (Read Best Hiking Trails in Michigan)

Porcupine Mountains State Park-min

4. Porcupine Mountains State Park

This place is epic as it sits on 60,000 acres, making it Michigan’s biggest state park. It boasts 35,000 acres of old-growth forest, endless rivers and streams, and gushing waterfalls. You can also choose to hike more than 90 miles of trails where the views are unrivaled.

Michigan locals endearingly call this state park “the Porkies.” It has thousands of Lake Superior coastline. The majority of tent campgrounds are located high up in the mountains, where panoramic vistas are everywhere.

For campers looking for a more “bushcraft” type of experience, there are 63 backcountry campsites here where you can try your outdoor skills. One of the most important things to bring when you rough it up is a chair. Some of the lightest camping chair models can prove invaluable when you are tired from a day of hiking trails.

This park is immense, so have a map to help navigate your way around. Park rangers are on hand, but due to the immensity of the place, they can spread out thinly.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park-min

5. Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Tahquamenon Falls State Park occupies nearly 52,000 acres. Most of it is virgin woodland with no roads, structures, or electricity. The main showcase of the park is the Tahquamenon River and its majestic waterfalls.

I found that the park offers many choices of recreational activities, especially in the spring and summer months. Camping is popular here with many related activities like backpacking, hiking, fishing, and kayaking. I also found that this is an excellent place for taking pictures with the lovely rustic scenery everywhere.

Staying in any of the four campsites in this enormous state park allows you to opt to be near one of the Great Lakes. Tents are the usual choice for most campers, and some of the best tent camping in Michigan happens here. RV enthusiasts and vehicles with pop-up sleepers can also avail themselves of a few designated sites.

I suggest you make reservations during peak months as campers can swarm to this popular state park. The four campgrounds are Hemlock campground, Portage campground, Riversmouth campground, and Camp 33.

Are you tired of the city and the metropolis? Maybe camping is the activity you are looking for. Whether alone, with a buddy, or the entire family, camping and its many accompanying activities are a great way to enjoy a vacation.

It is never too early or too late to start planning a camping trip, and Michigan is an excellent place to explore.

5 Best Camping in Michigan

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