How to Dispose of Coleman Fuel Canisters?

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee or warm food for dinner, so when you’re off backpacking or camping, you shouldn’t leave without your camp stove fuel canister.

For the ease of use and ease of purchasing, one of the more common being a Coleman fuel canister.

There is, however, a slight downside to using a backpacking fuel canister. Disposing Coleman Fuel Canisters may be more of a challenge than you expect. A butane fuel canister can’t be tossed in the trash as it is a hazard.

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You may wonder why the disposal of Coleman propane cylinders is overly complicated sometimes.

Like most fuel canisters, Coleman Fuel canisters pose hazards and cannot refill them for further use. The federal DOT regulations prohibit any transportation of canisters, which has been refilled.

If you leave a fuel canister in a recycling container, it poses a threat to anyone dealing with it. So, in our guide, you can learn what you need to know about how to dispose of butane canisters the right way.

How Do You Dispose of Coleman Propane Canisters?

When you are back from camping or backpacking, never let used fuel canisters build up in your garage or around your home. The key thing is to recycle them; however, you need to go about this in the correct manner to avoid any accidents.

Most fuel canisters are steel so that they can be recycled with soda cans.

Take your Coleman fuel canister and burn off any residual fuel. Once you do this, you need to puncture the empty canisters to ensure there is no pressure.

Coleman, the Powermax aluminum fuel canisters manufacturer, includes the Green Key puncture tool that comes with compatible stoves.

If you don’t have a key, you can use any sharp tool with a point to do this, yet be careful and make sure you do it outdoor and wear suitable protective gear.

You can put the punctured canisters in a recycle bin in some regions, though you should contact the relevant department to find out in your area. (Find the Best Camping Shower)

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What Do You Do With Empty Coleman Propane Canisters?

The canisters will typically be made from painted steel, aluminum and plastic valves. You can only recycle spent fuel canisters where mixed metal is accepted and can only be processed when adequately prepared beforehand.

Make sure your canister is empty. Use leftover gas for cooking, as it is better than to empty them in the atmosphere.

Once you make sure the propane cylinders are empty, puncture the canisters to meet recycling requirements. While you can get a special tool to do this, it can be done with a can opener or sharp objects such as a screwdriver or ice pick. (Read How Much Does A Pop Up Camper Weigh)

Never use a saw because these create sparks, which can ignite remaining fuel. Finally, there is no need to remove the valve. Deposit your empty canisters where mixed metals are accepted.

You may discover that few curbside recycling programs handle mixed metals and even fewer recycle fuel canisters. Make sure to check a local recycling program before tossing them in the bin.

It may be safer to drop them off at a recycling center. If you’re not sure, contact your local recycling authority for help.

How Do You Dispose of Camping Gas Canisters?

Camping isn’t complete without Coleman camp stove fuel to cook with. Once propane cylinders are empty, you need to follow the instructions here to deal with your small camping propane canister once it’s been used.

Here you can find safe ways how to dispose of camping gas canisters. Make sure to follow each step and never to refill these waste canisters.

  1. Connect the small canister to your stove and use any remaining gas by letting it burn off. Check there is no flame.
  2. Use the green key to puncture the canister bottles if one came with your stove. If you don’t have a green key, use other sharp tools.
  3. Remove your canister and write “empty” on the side, so you or other people know which are empty and which are not eat dealt with.
  4. Check if your local recycling station accepts propane gas canisters. Some camping shops offer a recycling scheme.

You should note that this information only relates to small, portable camping propane gas canisters and not larger propane tanks . You will discover small camping propane canisters weigh less than 1kg when empty. (Find the Best Camper Waste Tanks)

Can you recycle small propane canisters?

It isn’t possible to recycle in the same manner, as many local authorities are strict on this.

Propane gas is hazardous and should never be put in recycling bins. You will find the same conditions apply to the following compressed gas canister types.

  • Refillable propane tanks camping stoves
  • Disposable propane canisters and butane canisters
  • Helium balloon tanks and Oxygen tanks

How Do You Dispose of Small Propane Canisters?

For any camper’s or when you are off hiking, you may be faced with used gas canisters. You could carry these around, yet they can take up space you could better use for something else. Besides this, if you deal with them right away, it eliminates any risk there is.

The issue is dealing with and disposing of a propane tank should it be outside of its useful life. It is simple to deal with the smaller stove propane cylinders.

Larger propane tanks need further consideration as they pose a much higher risk because of their construction.

If you have a bulk propane tank, you need to contact a licensed propane company that deals with such things. A propane supplier can help remove and purge the remaining propane from inside the tank safely. (Find the Best Camping Chairs)

Such bottles are much thicker than the smaller canisters and need to be recycled using the ideal recycling center’s proper programs.

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