Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Camping is a super fun way to spend quality time with friends, family, or your significant other. From classic camping activities like starting a campfire and roasting marshmallows to more exciting games and adventures, there are many fun things to do while camping.  Our list includes classic camping activities like active games that require running around and entertaining options for playing around the campfire circle at night.

We’ve rounded up hours of fun from drinking games to scavenger hunts to storytelling. Whether you’re camping with a group of friends, your spouse, and kids or just looking for some fun couple time in nature, you’ll find awesome camping activities for adults of all ages.

Are you camping near a lake? Enjoy water sports. Camping with toddlers? Engage them with playful games. However, you plan your camping trip, incorporating some of these many fun things into your schedule ensures maximum enjoyment.

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In our guide, you can learn about what is available when looking for some fun camping activities. By the end, you’ll better understand the best fun camping games for adults before you start compiling your camping activities for toddlers or a list of activities for kids when you go camping. (Read Is It Safe To Have A Buddy Heater In A Tent)

Things To Do While Camping For Adults & Couples

Camping as a couple or camping with friends allows you to participate in activities better suited for bigger kids and grownups. Here are some of our favorite camping games and fun activities for adults, group camping activities, conversation starters, and other ideas to make your next camping trip the best!

Drinking Game and Other Adult Camping Activities

  • Drinking games – Fun drinking games like beer pong, flip cup, or kings cup are ideal activities to play around the circle of fire with your adult camping buddies. Just remember to drink responsibly when sitting around a campfire!
  • Card games – A deck of cards opens up so many options to play games. Play poker, rummy, blackjack, or spoons with your friends late into the night.
  • Board games – Board games are a great game to play while camping. They’re an easy way to pass the time if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  • Scavenger hunts – Scavenger hunts are exciting camping activities that will have your whole group exploring the campsite and surrounding nature. See who can collect everything on the list fastest!


One of the best camping activities for adults is stargazing. Being away from light pollution reveals the night sky in a stunning way you can’t experience in the city. Bring a star map, cozy blankets, and get lost among the stars. This is an incredibly romantic camping activity for couples.

Go on a hike

Going on a scenic hike is the fun part of the day while camping and a fun way to explore the area. Get some exercise and fresh air as you explore the natural surroundings. Pack a picnic lunch along with you to enjoy in a beautiful spot. Don’t forget your camera to capture some memories along the trail.

Doing Bush Crafts Or Survival Camping

Test your adult camping skills by trying your hand at bushcraft or survival camping. See if you can start a fire without matches, build a shelter from only what nature provides, and source drinking water. This type of camping trip will create lasting memories together.

Float in the local water hole

Find a lake or river near your campsite and spend a relaxing day floating in inner tubes. This is easy camping at its finest. Bring some drinks along in a cooler tube and just drift away. For extra fun, try to conquer the rapids or rope swing!

Drinking games

No camping trip for adults is complete without drinking games! Play classic games like flip cup, rage cage, or King’s Cup. Drink responsibly and have a designated driver on standby. This is one of the most popular fun camping activities for adults to do while hanging around the campfire. The fire provides the perfect atmospheric backdrop for imbibing with friends in the great outdoors.

Practice your photography skills

Spending time in nature also provides fantastic opportunities for improving your photography. Challenge yourself to capture unique flora and fauna or frame landscape shots at sunrise and sunset. Use different angles, perspectives, and editing techniques. Your camping buddies can also serve as fun models for portraits.

Water Sports

If your campground is located near a lake, river, or ocean, take advantage by bringing water sports gear. Try kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing for some adventurous camping activities that offers a fun time for everyone. As always, prioritize safety by wearing life jackets. Exploring the water is an awesome way to make special memories. (Read How To Dispose Butane Cans)


Fishing is a timeless camping activity the whole group can enjoy together. Pack your rods, tacklebox, and bait for a day spent trying to reel in an impressive catch. Consider bringing a grill to cook up your catch for a tasty camping meal under the stars.


Fossicking is like geocaching, but instead of seeking containers, you search for gems, gold, opals, crystals, and fossils. This exciting treasure hunt gives you an activity to engage in as you explore your natural surroundings. It’s also an opportunity to bring home an interesting keepsake.

Ball Games

Bring a football, frisbee, cornhole, bocce ball, or volleyball to play fun ball games as you enjoy the great outdoors together. These active games can get everyone involved and burn off some energy in between all the eating, drinking, and lounging around the campfire that comprises most adult camping activities.

Wildlife spotting

Watch for birds, deer, foxes, and other wildlife on your camping trip. Bring binoculars and field guides to help you identify the species roaming your campground. This activity is easy to incorporate while hiking or simply relaxing around the campsite. Keeping a list of all the animals you spot adds an element of fun.

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Rainy Day Camping Activities For Adults

Great camping is a classic pastime that people of all ages can enjoy. While kids love the freedom to explore nature, roast marshmallows, and go on adventures, adults can also have a fantastic time camping. There are many entertaining camping activities for adults to enjoy with their friends or significant other.

Planning some exciting camping activities ahead of time ensures the success of your perfect camping trip and will be even more fun. Don’t let bad weather ruin your family camping vacation. There are plenty of fun for everyone camping activities even when the forecast takes a turn for the worse. Here are some camping activities that appeal when it’s raining.

Hang in a hammock

String up your camping hammock and cozy up with a book. The sound of rain on the tarp overhead is soothing. Doze off for a lazy afternoon nap if the mood strikes.

Read a book

It’s the perfect time to crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read. Get lost in the story as the rain patters on your tent or lean-to shelter when car camping.

Campfire cooking

You can still have a campfire in the rain if you position it under an overhang or canopy. Take advantage by experimenting with campfire recipes and cooking techniques you’ve wanted to try. Dutch oven cooking is excellent for making stews, chili, lasagna, or cobblers.

Yoga or Meditation

Spend a relaxing rainy day practicing yoga, meditating, and getting centered in nature. Tune out the distractions of everyday life and sink into the present moment. The peaceful sound of rain makes an ideal background for wellness activities.

Coloring or Paint By Number

Tap into your creative side with coloring books or paint-by-number kits. Crafting is a fun way to pass the time on a rainy camping day when stuck inside your tent or RV. Pour yourself a warm drink and let your inner artist shine! (Read Protect Outdoor Extension Cords)


Conversation Games for Adults

Camping is all about quality time together. When you need a break from phones and other technology, try out these classic conversation starters and camp games for adults to play:

“Would You Rather” or “Two Truths, One Lie”

To play this game, take turns asking “would you rather” questions that reveal funny or intriguing truths about your fellow campers. Or play two truths, one lie, by sharing three statements about yourself – two true and one a lie – and have the group guess which is which. This fun time takes little effort and is a great way to make new camping friends.

Truth or Dare

It’s an entertaining game that’s a classic and never ages. Take turns asking each other juicy truths or daring one another to complete silly challenges. It’s a really fun game to bond and one of the best camping games to play around a campfire for light-hearted fun!

Twenty Questions

One person chooses an object. The rest of the group takes turns asking yes or no questions (with a limit of 20 questions) to try and guess what it is. This is a great camping activity, and the game is a fun way to test your deductive reasoning skills!

Campfire Games for Adults

The campfire naturally brings people together after dark and is the perfect setting for fun adult camping games. Here are some of our favorites to play around the fire:

Name that Song

Hum or sing short song clips and see who can name that tune fastest. You’ll be amazed at how many songs your friends can identify from just a few notes. Great game for music lovers that gets everyone singing!

Murder by Winking

Before starting this hilarious game, secretly choose one player as the “murderer.” They must “kill” players by winking at them. Those who are winked at must dramatically die/fall. The remaining players try to guess who the murderer is before they’re all “dead.”

Two Truths and a Lie

Each person shares fun stories comprising two truthful facts about themselves and one lie. The rest of the group votes on which one they think is a lie. It’s fun to make up surprising things about each other!

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Active Camping Trip Activities for Adults

In between all the sitting, eating, drinking, and lounging, get in some active fun games with these movement-based camping games for adults:


After a few drinks, the classic game of acting out words and movie titles is even more hilarious! Split into teams and see who can convey the most charades to their teammates before time runs out.

Who am I?

Tape a famous name or character on each player’s back without them knowing. Take turns asking yes/no questions until you can guess your identity.

Stand up and Shout

Go in a circle sharing unique facts about yourself. Anyone who has the same fact has to jump up and shout. Great way to find similarities with your camping crew!

Glow in the Dark Frisbee

Continue the fun after-dark with glow-in-the-dark discs! Mark the frisbee goal zones with glow sticks for added visibility and fun.

Flashlight Tag

Make a classic game even more challenging by playing flashlight tag at night! The dark adds excitement but watch your footing.

FAQs about Fun Camping Activities for Adults

What are the best camping activities for adults?

Some of the most popular camping activities for adults include drinking games, scattering glow sticks for nighttime activities, playing card/board games, stargazing when it’s clear, hiking to scenic areas, fishing, playing music/singing, taking pictures of wildlife and views, and doing adventurous water sports like kayaking in lakes and rivers. (Read Northstar Camper Problems)

What should I pack for an adult camping trip?

Make sure to pack drinking games, toys like frisbees/cornhole/bocce, a deck of cards, Bluetooth speaker, camping chairs, hammock, hiking shoes, grill & cooking supplies, adult beverages, cups/koozies, waterproof matches, glow sticks, and any outdoor sports gear. Also, pack layers of warm clothing for the night and rain gear.

What food should I bring camping with adults?

Great food and beverages to pack include hot dogs, hamburgers, skewers, sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, whiskey, beer, boxed wine, soda, water, coffee, chocolate, s’mores ingredients, and veggie/fruit snacks. Bring cooking equipment like grills, pots, pans, plates, and utensils.

What are good nighttime activities for adult camping?

At night, try stargazing, playing flashlight games like glow-in-the-dark capture the flag, telling scary stories around the campfire, playing music and singing along, participating in group games like truth or dare or mafia, doing victory dances/chants if you won earlier games, and enjoying adult beverages before bed.

What should I do if it rains while camping with adults?

If camping with adults and the weather is bad, play drinking games in your tent or under a rain fly, hang out at the picnic table area if there is an overhang, nap or read books in your dry tent, play cards, and board games, listen to a podcast together, organize items and tidy your tent, cook a hot meal on the camp stove, or go for a walk in raincoats and boots.

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