What to Wear Hiking in Winter?

What to Wear Hiking in Winter

Hiking isn’t just a summer activity, it can be all year round. Here we look at what to wear hiking in winter to keep you warm and dry.

Is Hiking Good for You?

Is Hiking Good for You

There many who ask “Is hiking good for you?” because it is just walking. Hiking is more than this and can deliver a full-body workout among other things

Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking Tips for Hiking

It doesn’t matter if you are a new backpacker or have been hitting the trails for years. Everyone faces the same thing before heading off into the wilderness. There is a need for a backpacking gear checklist. There are so many items you need to cram into your backpack. It’s …

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5 Best Hiking Trails in Kentucky

5 Best Hiking Trails in Kentucky

Kentucky is filled with plenty of wonders to see while backpackers are hitting the trails. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy exploring caves or hiking over rugged terrain and scaling mountains. If you fancy something more sedate and wandering through lush forests, there’s more than enough to cover every taste. …

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How to Minimize Food and Water Weight When Hiking

reducing the weight of your hiking food

There are vast numbers of people who love backpacking in the wilderness. But for the ones who love to travel lightweight, two things can weigh you down. Food and water can be some of the most substantial things you are carrying in your backpack. These consumables will get lighter as …

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5 Tips Saving Weight in Your Backpack

backpacking guide

If you’re heading off camping which requires backpacking and lugging your gear with you, you’ll be looking at saving as much weight as possible. The lighter the load, the further you can hike without collapsing with exhaustion. (See our Hiking for Beginners Guide) Here are five easy ways where you …

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